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Your home is meant to be your oasis, but what happens when you face invaders in the form of pests? You contact the best pest control company to give you peace of mind, reliable service and unparalleled customer service. Stryker Pest Control is that company. We're the go-to resource for pest control issues of any type or scale in the Columbus, Ohio area.

Kyle Whalen — Absolutely amazing. We needed Stryker Pest Control service for a house we bought and didn't know had some issues. I was nervous about his low prices because
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We know that you may be concerned about unnecessary exposure to chemicals, and are sensitive to what is being put in and around your environment. If you don't like the idea of gallons of chemicals sprayed around your home or workplace, call EnviroCare for your completely customized pest control solution.

Cathy Young — Living in Florida part-time, I had concerns of bugs taking over my home while I'm away. I was recommended EnviroCare Pest Solutions by numerous friends
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Central Ohio Bug Extermination provides you with a full array of pest control services at an affordable price. We guarantee that we will do the job right the first time and beat any competitor's price. You can trust Central Ohio Bug Extermination to remain discreet and to provide a quick response to your pest problem.

Sam Watkins — Discovered bite all over my legs and arms! Called this company to come out and they found it to be BED BUGS! I have no idea where I got these from. They
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Boyde's Exterminating Company was established in 1990 by Mr. Robert Boyde. Boyde's Exterminating Company has worked with hundreds of homeowners, hotels and restaurants in central Ohio and has earned a solid reputation of getting the job done.

Michael Kirkpatrick — My problem with spiders was resolved completely by Boyde's Exterminating Co. Their prices are competitive and Mr. Boyde is very knowledgeable about spiders
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Ohio Exterminating's Quarterly Exterior Service is designed with convenience in mind. You don't even need to be home during the service! No scheduling! No hassles! No pests! Our service professionals visit your home four times a year to ensure it is pest-free. Our treatments eliminate pests on the exterior perimeter of the home where the majority of pests originate.

John Keys — I have used Ohio Exterminating for a year. 3 unit apartment building. Had them out about once a month no changes in the infestation. I admit 2 of the units
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We eliminate termites (white ants/ anai-anai), with corrective soil treatment (baiting or drilling system) or soil treatment for pre-construction work. We also provide services like fogging of mosquitoes, spraying of cockroach, ants, flies, baiting of rats/ rodents and flies.

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Our professional ( and affordable! ) pest control and extermination services have remained the industry standard. Xterminator Pest Control has two locations in Zanesville and Pickerington, OH and provide pest control Cambridge, Coshocton, Newark, Lancaster, Westerville, and Columbus, Ohio.

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