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At Solar Help Hawaii, we make sure that the solar panels and solar water heaters we sell, install, and service are up to par with the needs of our customers. With solar water heaters, roof-mounted solar

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HI-Power Solar is the leader in off-grid solar batteries and battery backup technology. HI-Power Solar is a proud authorized dealer for Mitsubishi Split System Air Conditioners. Save big money on your


Mercury Solar has been providing solar power services all over Oahu for more than 30 years. A commercial client investing its own money in a system can realize a 104% rate of return in a year. Half of

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Alternate Energy, Inc. is a 3rd generation, family-owned and operated business, providing families in the State of Hawaii a way to lower their rising electric bills through alternative energy resources

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Despite Hawaii's abundance of renewable energy resources, our state has the hightest ecectricity rates in the nation and also has the highest dependence of imported oil for our electricty needs. The good

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We are full service electrical contractors specializing in energy efficiency and solar photovoltaic (PV) system installations. From LED lighting retrofits & PV system installations to high voltage power

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Founded in 1994, Energy Industries is an energy efficiency provider focused on efficiency and renewable solutions that help our customers with their energy problems. With +20 years of experience, we have

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HTH Solar is a division of Hi-Tech Hawaii, LLC. Located in downtown Honolulu, we service Oahu and the neighbor Islands. We offer a unique approach to solar photovoltaic systems. Seamlessly integrated with

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Laakea Solar Technology LLC can address all the energy needs of a home or business working closely with well-respected designers and our in-house technicians. This allows a complete integration of energy

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We are a local solar energy company that works hand in hand with various Hawai'i building departments and utility companies. This assures the most efficient process and allows you to take advantage of

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