At Minuteman Heating & Air, we understand just how important it is to have reliable air conditioning, especially during hot Texas summers. This is why our professional NATE certified technicians are dedicated to bringing the best residential air conditioning service to Arlington, Fort Worth and the surrounding areas.

Our AC services include air conditioning installation, maintenance and air conditioning repair in Fort Worth for our valued residential and commercial customers.

Minuteman Heating & Air's comprehensive experience with all types of air conditioning systems combined with our dedication to serve the residents and business owners in the Fort Worth and Arlington area, has provided us with the distinct honor of being one of the most trusted providers of air conditioning repair in Fort Worth service companies in the Fort Worth area.

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  City Arlington, TX
  Zip code 76001
  Address 7501 Highway 287
  Phone (817) 563-1660
  Person Mr. Roger Witham

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Heating & AC

Minuteman Heating & Air offers a wide range of professional heating services, including repair, installation, maintenance and replacement for homes and businesses in Fort Worth, Arlington and the surrounding areas. Our expert and certified technicians are background checked to assure you of first quality heating and air conditioning services and your safety.


When a problem occurs with your home's heating system, you want heating repair to be promptly provided. Minuteman Heating & Air's technicians can provide a prompt diagnosis of the system's problem, and the professional repair with the least possible interruption of your daily routine.


Your home's Fort Worth furnace assures your comfort during the Texas winters. When your home's furnace is outdated, inefficient or defective, Minuteman Heating & Air can assist you.

Furnace Repair

Every home needs a functional furnace. When your furnace fails to heat and you need emergency furnace repair, contact the professionals at Minuteman Heating & Air. Our certified technicians are experienced with all types of furnaces, and will provide the prompt services you need to get your Arlington furnace back up and running.

Zoned Heating & Cooling

If you are like a number of homeowner's, you may have difficulty keeping your home comfortable with a heating and air conditioning system controlled by a single thermostat. The temperature variations between rooms can be due to sunlight shining through windows, large north facing windows, or any of a number of other factors that can affect temperature.
Richard Schroder

Richard Schroder

Oct 01, 2016
The crew arrived on time, they went to work installing our new unit. They worked upstairs in the attic. Hardly noticed they were up there. They installed the inside unit and outside unit in a timely manner. Full review ›
Ellen Tuton

Ellen Tuton

Sep 27, 2016
A/C making funny noise. Man checked and replaced fan motor. Also checked outside units and cleaned drain! I was dumping 10 gallons of water out from outside drain. It now goes where it's supposed to down drain in upstairs bathroom! Full review ›
Colby McLin

Colby McLin

Jun 15, 2016
If negative were available trust me you'd get it. If I could post pics trust me they would see it. Not only has the a/c gone out twice since spending thousands of dollars, now there is standing and flowing water in our walls. Full review ›
Angela McInnis Crow

Angela McInnis Crow

Apr 11, 2016
We have used Minuteman Heating and air for over a year now. I can honestly say we have been 100% satisfied with the service provided. A couple of months ago we had a new Lennox 20 seer installed, we are very happy. Full review ›

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