We will always be a family owned, operated and orientated business. Both Michael and Stephen Gamst, our owners and brothers, were trained by their father, John Anthony Gamst, a veteran in the Marine Corps and the best technician this valley has ever seen. Gamst HVAC started in 1969 as a small 1 man operation with one thing in mind: "Do It Right" Marine Corps level repair and then some!

And don't forget: "If it's worth doing, it's worth doing right." That kind of passion is what makes Las Vegas Air the right choice for your home. Since John Gamst's passing, the two surviving brothers have built that small one man company into a full scale heating, refrigeration, air conditioning and maintenance company, Las Vegas Air Conditioning, Inc.

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  City Las Vegas, NV
  Zip code 89122
  Address 6220 Kimberly Ave
  Phone (702) 437-1888
  Today Open 24hrs    
  Person Ms. Sharlene L. Gamst

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The Leading Air Conditioning Replacement Company in Las Vegas. There's only one right way to install an air conditioner. If your in the to replace, we can help you by performing a free in home estimate. Our initial sizing and load calculations will determine the right size and capacity of air conditioning needed to improve your homes overall comfort.


Getting to the root of an air conditioning problem can be quite confusing. But with our patented AC Repair Matrix, you will be able to pinpoint the source of failure in your air conditioning system. It covers every twist and turn and if followed would be exactly like having me there doing it for you.

Heating Repair

That means no matter what type of heating your home might have, we have the skills, knowledge and sense to repair your furnace, heater or heat pump fast and in a hurry. We wrote and patented the book on repair procedure The Repair Matrix. We can record and stream our diagnostic and repair, to leave with you for your records.

Heating installation

When it comes to new heating systems the team at Las Vegas Air Conditioning Inc., has all your bases covered. We have gone through countless man hours learning all about home comfort and let me say this. Do not neglect your furnace or heater it is a very important part to your overall comfort year around.


Nobody would ever dream of letting their car go 100,000 miles without so much as a tune up or an oil change. But that's exactly what an air conditioner does in a Las Vegas summer; it goes 100,000 miles or at least equivalent in run time. These machines are designed at 105 degrees but, we all know it can get as hot as 115+ degrees in Las Vegas.
Kimble Dutton

Kimble Dutton

Oct 21, 2016
Always great service and very knowledgeable. Had all parts needed on the van and was very fast to get my air conditioner up and running! Full review ›
Alex Reynoso

Alex Reynoso

Oct 19, 2016
Jeremy was really helpful. He explained me everything step by step. Great service! Full review ›
Rex Goliath Lazarus

Rex Goliath Lazarus

Sep 03, 2016
I couldn't possibly be happier. So glad I found this company! We've had very bad experiences with A/C companies in the past and now those days are over. Our technician was a real pro, on time, informative and efficient. Full review ›
Roxanne Toenniessen

Roxanne Toenniessen

Aug 23, 2016
Can't thank Las Vegas air, Paradise air enough They were on top of everything! Ed was a sweetheart and made it comparable to a SPA DAY, the gals out there get that one! Ed's mom and wife have done one terrific example with him he thought of all details. Full review ›
Gary Jonathan Janis

Gary Jonathan Janis

Apr 23, 2016
David, from Las Vegas Air Conditioning, came to my home today to do an air-conditioning system inspection. He was extremely thorough in examining the entire system. David also is very professional and provided me with excellent information regarding my heating and air-conditioning system regarding any future concerns. Full review ›
Bob Hurckes

Bob Hurckes

Apr 17, 2016
I am not a full time resident of Vegas but I got a referral from someone I trust and Oh Boy is this the right company for Heating and Air Conditioning. In 2013 I had the owner Steven to the house to discuss two new furnaces and air conditioners. Full review ›
Artur Khachatryan

Artur Khachatryan

Apr 11, 2016
David was great. Very professional, and a nice guy. Took him 10 minutes to fix what I thought was going to cost me hundreds of dollars. All for $25. Doesn't get better. Highly recommended. Full review ›
Donna Reber

Donna Reber

Mar 26, 2016
Very happy with the service. The Technician, David Arana, serviced our heating equipment last Fall; and, just now, the cooling equipment. Very pleasant and seems to enjoy what he is doing. Love the Club Savings program. Full review ›
Steven Romero

Steven Romero

Feb 28, 2016
My air quit blowing cold right when it started to warm up. My mother lives with me and due to medical issues has trouble breathing when it starts to get hot. Thankfully LVAC was able to get our unit fixed ASAP (apparently the indoor blower motor went out). Full review ›

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Disabled women gets an Air Conditioning unit donated, here's how you could get one too. On June 21st Jennifer Jax's air conditioner croaked. With her Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, it's already hard to breathe on a normal day.
We were on with Wake Up With the Wagners (News 3) on May 1 to show how we're using Google Glass to benefit our customers.
This homeowners compressor failed on 110° day and we were caught by news three and featured on the 5 PM news. We give some tips to homeowners on how to keep their systems running. Las Vegas air Conditioning Inc.
Channel 8 news now featured us on Air talking about heating system maintenance and what problems could be avoided. I had no control of the edit so we don't necessarily agree with the edit and their choice of scenes to include.
Las Vegas Air Repairs a Failed AC Unit With Temperatures Over 110 Degrees. On June 21, temperatures at the Maciulewicz house climbed to 95 degrees all too fast, before they realized the AC had failed. Thats the problem in Las Vegas, with temperatures of unto 118 degrees in some areas of the city.