At Residential Locksmith, we are proud to offer an array of services. Services like peep hole drilling, window bars, security alarm systems, back door lock securities, and other security measures. We are often people's first choice because of word of mouth and online feedback that is becoming increasingly positive.

When you are in serious trouble and need a locksmith fast, our Residential Locksmith vets are at your side. Of course nobody wants his or her possessions taken in a robbery. Not only is it a huge setback financially, but it's dangerous. Our Residential Locksmith veterans urge you not to settle for just any locksmith.

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You never know when a local break in around your business is going to strike fear in your heart that your business might be next. Or, if your business's entry system is outdated, you simply need to rekey the commercial facility, or desire any other commercial locksmith services in Houston (and surrounding areas), you need to rely on the right Houston locksmith for the job.


Every year thousands of poor individuals are stuck in the rain waiting for a Houston car locksmith because their keys are in a car. This is inevitably going to be you. It happens to everyone! When it does, make sure you call Alamo Key & Lock for TRUSTED Houston car locksmith professionals. We'll get you through the ordeal in minutes. We know how annoying it can be.


Our Emergency Locksmith vets have seen individuals lose their minds from frustration. We've seen people dislocate their shoulders or break their elbows trying to knock a door or window down. Do you know how hard a person has to bang to break their elbow? Really hard! Avoid this. Keep your wits about you and your health will remain in tact.
Porsha Bellard

Porsha Bellard

Apr 19, 2016
Ron was great at his job, he came fast n on time I got to where I need to go! If I ever need help again I will call him personally! Full review ›
Dana D. Wells

Dana D. Wells

Apr 09, 2016
I have used Alamo Key & Lock for 14 years, since I bought my home in 2002. They are fast, reliable, trustworthy and don't give you one price over the phone then change it when they arrive. I will continue to use them for all key and lock needs. Full review ›
Simone Gundy

Simone Gundy

Mar 18, 2016
Got there super quick, got the job done and sent me on my way. Really nice guy too. Full review ›
Roy Levy

Roy Levy

Dec 14, 2015
Amazing Service! Great people - Aviran came to our locked house in 30 minutes and unlocked the garage door like a pro. No damage, no holes / drilling in the lock. Very nice guy - polite and patient. Full review ›
Kathleen Sauve

Kathleen Sauve

Nov 09, 2015
Highly recommend the guys at Alamo Key & Lock. First had them out to replace locks on all of the doors on short notice. Based on that positive experience, we called them back for a larger project to install security cameras. Full review ›
Johnny Casablancas

Johnny Casablancas

Nov 26, 2014
Alamo helped me and my fisher out last week at like 3 in the morning! They never looked to be frustrated either. High spirits and positive vibes! Full review ›

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What could cause an emergency for Houston AT&T store?

Last month our master locksmith performed many jobs but one that sticks out was a late night job at an AT&T store in Houston. It was Friday night, after hours, and the manager had discovered he could not open the commercial safe. This was bad news, since he couldn’t leave the store until it

Unlocking an 18-Wheeler Truck

All My Son’s Trucking company called us after one of their drivers locked his keys in his 18-wheeler. See, you’re not the only one who locks their keys in their car! Even professional truck drivers do it! All My Son’s Trucking Company is a Houston-area business that provides excellent

Emergency Service to Unlock Safe for Target

Ron, owner of Alamo Key & Lock, unlocks a high security TL-15 safe. We received an emergency call from our Facility Manager partners late at night. The emergency was this: A high security safe at a local Target was locked (as it should be) but the combination was lost. Target needed the lock

Lockey 2230DC

Most Reliable Lock on the Market Is the Lockey 2230DC The Lockey 2230DC is the most reliable lock on the market today. This reliable lock automatically locks whenever you close a door. It’s absolutely perfect for condos or parking lots, or any special area that needs monitoring. When you introduce

Schlage CO-200 Lock

Why More People Are Turning To the Schlage CO-200 Lock More builders are turning to the Schlage CO 200 door lock. The brilliantly designed Schlage CO-200 lock is almost a century old. The company is still around because they understand how to change with the times. That means they’ve designed

Locksmith in Cypress Texas

Expert Locksmith Service Cypress TX Pros Perhaps the most common professional that people call upon moving into a new home is the locksmith in Houston. At Alamo Key & Lock, we assure you that our Locksmith Service Cypress TX experts are on call every minute of every day just for you. Locksmithing

Mobile Locksmith Cypress

Dependable Mobile Locksmith Cypress The most common reason individuals have for hiring the services of a good Houston locksmith is that their locks are too loose. They claim that the previous Mobile Locksmith Cypress pro didn’t install something correctly. Well, our Alamo Key & Lock professionals

Kevo By Kwikset

Why is Everyone Talking About the Kevo By Kwikset? Kevo smart lock works with iphone and comes with electronic keyThe Kevo By Kwikset lock is not only the most reliable device on the market, it’s also designed to work in unison with iPhones. The Kevo lock is almost a robot. It’s almost sentient

Your Favorite Locksmith 77096 Company

Call Us! (713) 688-3887 As we approach the middle of the year, it’s time to consider that the reality is you may lose your keys. It will happen a million times this year to a million people. Don’t sweat it, our Locksmith 77096 professionals are ready. Alamo Locksmith knows how many people

Easy Locksmith 77040 Solutions

Call Us! (713) 688-3887 Do you believe it’s possible for a locksmith in Houston to honor his word? The Locksmith 77040 professionals at Alamo Locksmith always do. Trust our 24-Hour Locksmith crews to ship out the appropriate lock and key guys to you when you are in need of assistance. It becomes

Mobile Locksmith

Dependable Mobile Locksmith Cypress The most common reason individuals have for hiring the services of a good Houston locksmith is that their locks are too loose. They claim that the previous Mobile Locksmith
Alamo Key and Lock is a local Houston locksmith service that has been serving the Houston & surrounding communities for over 25 years. Our Locksmiths are among the most skilled in the business and we guarantee our services.