Wrich Air Cooling & Heating provides dependable service and quality heating and AC services to Las Vegas, NV residents and businesses. From the start, our staff follows strict client service standards that include a quality installation, thorough consultation, quality equipment and a professional inspection to ensure consistency and superior service.

We offer the best in quality services, installations and repairs for all residential and commercial cooling and heating systems. We are the HVAC contractor with the best workmanship at the best prices. Our customers can expect a timely response with ultimate courtesy.

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If you're looking for an unmatched workmanship, affordable prices and friendly customer service, look no further than Wrich Air Cooling & Heating. Whether you're looking to repair your AC unit or upgrade your entire cooling system, we provide you with the prompt, honest air conditioning repair service you deserve.


Is your heater old and costing you money? Are you looking for an experienced heating repair expert? Then all you need to do is to call Wrich Air Cooling & Heating. Wrich Air Cooling & Heating proudly provides commercial and residential Las Vegas, NV customers with a wide range of heating service & repair solutions.


When is it time to replace your air conditioning and heating systems? When your heat pump or air conditioner is more than 10 years old or your furnace is more than 15 years old or your equipment needs frequent repairs and your energy bills are going up. When is the best time to replace your air conditioning?


Wrich Air provides a preventive maintenance check-up for the Fall & Spring season at a discount rate. This maintenance can prolong the life of your unit and reduce the chance of it breaking down during the Hot Summer & Cold Winter season when the demand is high.
M. Sullivan

M. Sullivan

Aug 22, 2016
Finding a reliable air conditioning services in Las Vegas is not an easy task but I'm happy that my friend told me about this company. They offered me very affordable rates and do the job quickly! Excellent service. I would recommend your services to my friends! Full review ›
S. Jenkins

S. Jenkins

Jul 31, 2016
We have had a bad experience with many other HVAC companies but Wrich Air Cooling Heating was the right choice for us. Not every air conditioning company takes care for its clients the way they deserve. We would definitely use your services again. Full review ›
Phil Tederous

Phil Tederous

Jul 19, 2016
Wrich Air is a very well run operation. There is no need to search any further! Quality, Honesty and Value wrapped into one. Always over-the-top! Full review ›
From a very happy family in the McNeil Estates Las Vegas Historic District. Dave and his crew removed the original AC Unit (1958) to replace it with a more Energy Efficient model at a great price. Excellent service was provided from start to finish. Full review ›


Dec 29, 2015
After I was told by another service that my compressor was bad and it was going to cost over $1K to repair, a friend gave me the number to Wrich and said give them a call before you make any repairs. I did and after I they looked over my system it was the circuit breaker getting weak, so it went from over $1K to a fraction of that for the repair. Full review ›
Deborah Fleischer

Deborah Fleischer

Oct 26, 2015
The best guys with the most honest, knowledgeable service in town! You never have to wait like other places make you. Thanks Dave & Jeff! Full review ›
As a property manager I can recommend Wrich Air as the best AC company I have dealt with, with honest and competitive pricing. Full review ›


Sep 04, 2015
Dave Wrich and his crew are the best. If you are seeking honest and reliable service at a fair price, Wrich Air is the only company to call for heating and cooling repairs. Full review ›
B. Norman

B. Norman

Apr 17, 2015
A friend of mine told me about Wrich Air Cooling Heating and I'm really thankful for this. Your air conditioning service is just great. The technician that came was very helpful and do the job so quickly. You guys were priced more competitive than the other two quotes I received so I would definitely choose your services again! Full review ›
Topher F.

Topher F.

Oct 07, 2014
Back in July during the 'Heatwave' the air conditioning broke in my house, I subscribed to Angie's List and called a very large, highly rated & established AC company (over 30 years in business). Upon looking at everything, the Tech informed me that the blower motor was bad and that the computer board wasn't working either for the furnace. Full review ›
Kevin Saenz

Kevin Saenz

Sep 25, 2014
Our heater isn't working in our room but is cranking in the rest of the house. My husband called Wrich Air Cooling Heating to help solve the problem. He spoke with a gentleman named Dave over the phone. Full review ›
Julie Dechavez

Julie Dechavez

Jul 17, 2014
I highly recommend WRICH AIR for all your cooling and heating services. My air conditioner just stop working recently and Dave Wrich fixed it in such a short time without any further unnecessary extra charges that other companies/businesses would most likely do. Full review ›
Matt Hennessy

Matt Hennessy

Jun 08, 2014
Dave Wrich and his team called me back within two minutes of me leaving a voicemail message on a weekend. Our air conditioning unit stopped working with 107 degree weather -we were desperate to get service quickly. Full review ›
Jonathan Miranda

Jonathan Miranda

Jan 30, 2014
Awesome company. I have used them before. first class service. The gentleman who came out was extremely polite and professional. He did more work than was expected for and did not charge more. I also really liked that when he came upon something he was unsure about, he called a mentor to make sure he was doing the job correctly. Full review ›
Sheila Ford

Sheila Ford

Jan 03, 2014
After receiving service from this company we would say job well done. Dave was very polite and professional. He suggested us very quite furnace. Technician Dave was very knowledgeable. His work was very neat and clean. Full review ›

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