I'm proud to have grown up in Bakersfield and Kern County. There are a lot of great people here! Wow Pest Control is a wonderful opportunity to serve others for a living; something I love about the industry. There is nothing better than giving people peace of mind and a pest free home. I've been involved in the pest control industry for 10 years now.

From a pest control technician to managing two large pest control companies, I've learned best practices of the industry that I would like to utilize at Wow Pest Control. My goal is to bring a new kind of pest control company to the Bakersfield, CA area.

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Many people say that Bakersfield was built on top of an ant hill. It is very common to find ants regularly inside of a home or business. Ants can be very annoying. Being social insects, when you see one- that means there are several thousand more close by.


Not too many people like spiders! They usually come out when least expected and can be terrifying to many. Some of them are out in the open, while others are in dark places such as attics, under crawl spaces, or in the garage. In order to control spiders it is very important to maintain a pest control program on your home or business.


There are several different types of roach species found in Bakersfield and Kern County. They come in different sizes, reproduce at different rates, and live in different environments. It's important to know what conducive conditions contribute to the presence of roaches in order to help in preventing an infestation.


Are you hearing noises coming from your attic or the inside of your walls? You may be hearing movement or gnawing from roof rats. Roof rats are usually around 16 long and have a tail that is longer than their head and body combined. They are usually light grey to dark black in color and have a pointed nose.

Bed Bugs

Yes. Unfortunately they are here. Concerns regarding bed bugs have increased drastically over the last several years. On average, I've experienced 15-20 phone calls per month regarding bed bug activity in Bakersfield alone. They've made their way to our area attached to suitcases, clothing, and furniture.
Jessica Guillen

Jessica Guillen

Jun 29, 2015
Sam is awesome! Very professional, trustworthy, and friendly! Dependable- arrives on time. Knowledgeable-answers all my questions. No more bugs since we've been having him come regularly! The house feels much cleaner and safer. Full review ›
Our 5 Star pest control service involves a step by step process to ensure that we provide excellent service every time.
Our family is really excited to release our first Jingle for Wow Pest Control. We're so proud of our daughter Davonny for singing it for us.