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Schneider Home Equipment Co is a family-owned and operated business. We specialize in home improvement products like doors, sidings, enclosures, windows, shutters, awnings, gutters and roofing.

Hank & Lois Mayberry — I wanted to purchase 2 exterior steel doors and 1 storm door and have them installed. I only called companies I felt might be up for the task, since this
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With experience amounting to over 25,000 windows and striving to use the best products and materials Windows Direct will you provide you with most professional installation possible. Our approach is unlike many others in the business. There are no 2 hour long presentations designed to wear you down, only to give you an astronomical price at the end.

Paula Gilbertson Jones — I put off getting windows for three years until I found Windows Direct. I was weary of sales people who were unable to provide me with an extraordinary
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Window Planet is a Cincinnati, Ohio company that takes pride in offering replacement windows that are innovative, affordable, and eco-friendly. We wanted a window that would outperform and outlast any window manufactured today.

Linda O'Hanlon — We just got all of our windows replaced (39 windows, 2 doors and 2 patio doors). I spent most of my summer getting quotes. We got 7 quotes total from window
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Is it time to update your windows or entry doors? When the forces of nature threaten to take up residence where they don't belong, we can help you keep them at bay once again. We work with the top manufacturers of replacement windows, storm windows, and all varieties of entry doors, so we can offer you the best quality products at the most competitive prices on the market.

Michelle Sloan — Windows Plus replaced my patio door. This is the finest company with quality products and excellent customer service. I highly recommend Windows Plus and
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Cincinnati's trusted resource for windows and doors since 1962, Western Hills Window Company supplies and expertly installs windows and entry doors in homes, offices, schools, apartments and commercial buildings throughout Greater Cincinnati.

Laurie Fite — WHW installed my windows in 1989 and serviced them when needed ever since. Window service and personal attention has been excellent. Thank you WHW for
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Specializing in both residential and commercial custom mirrors and glass, Apollo Glass, Mirror, Window & Screen, Inc. is your one-stop local resource for all of your glass and mirror needs. Proudly serving greater Cincinnati, we are a full-service installation and repair company, on a mission to set the standard for quality of craft and service by which other contractors are judged.

Keith Mealy — I've used Apollo Glass a number of times for both my business and personal needs. Always been helpful and friendly and great service from Dale and Rita
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When it comes to the bottom line, investing in a full home window replacement is no different from remodeling your kitchen or basement-you'll still be adding value to your home's resale price. When hiring Universal Windows Direct, be assured that not only are you getting the best value per dollar, but you're also putting that value directly into your Cincinnati home.

Jen Smith — These guys are driving me crazy. They keep calling and trying to solicit my business even though I am on the Do Not Call list. I finally submitted a complaint
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Do you constantly wonder why your home is always cold, yet you're spending a fortune on heating bills? When the wind's blowing outside, do you hear your bedroom doors creak or slam shut even though all of the windows are closed? If either of these situations sound familiar to you, then it might be time to utilize the professional services of B & B Window & Door.

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