Whispering Pines Lawn Care has been providing landscape and lawn service in Grand Rapids, Michigan for over 10 years. We are committed to providing quality lawn services at a great price. We are a small company consisting of only 3 employees. This helps us keep a small concise customer base, which in turn helps us provide more attention to our clients.

Our service area and current customers are located mainly in the Rockford, Belmont, NE Grand Rapids, and Ada areas. Keeping a tight route keeps our prices low and level of service high. Our customers that hire our lawn service in Grand Rapids are mostly maintenance customers.

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Whispering Pines has been beautifying and adding value to Grand Rapids homes for years through our detailed oriented landscaping in Grand Rapids, MI. Our crew brings many years of experience and attention to detail, which are the two most important characteristics to look for when hiring a landscaping company.


Whispering Pines knows you want a green and weed free lawn. There are many elements that go into growing the perfect lawn. Grass needs adequate water for cooling, sunlight for energy, and oxygen for respiration. On top of those 3 elements, your lawn also depends on nutrients that are absorbed by the lawns roots.


Aeration is the process of removing 2-4 inch plugs out of the ground. Aeration allows your soil to breathe and allows the grass roots to receive enough water and fertilizer. At Whispering Pines Lawn Care, we use mechanical aerators to provide aeration in Grand Rapids, MI. This allows us to reach farther into your soil to pull out longer plugs.

Snow Removal

Whispering Pines Lawn Care is the only company you need to call if you are interested in Snow Plowing in Grand Rapids MI. We are dedicated to making Michigan winters easier to handle. Our staff members monitor the weather so that our clients properties are as safe and clear as possible when they leave their homes for work or arrive at their businesses to serve their communities.

Pest Control

Summer is too short. Do not let mosquitos ruin it. Whispering Pines provides mosquito control in Grand Rapids, MI and wants to take care of your mosquitos! Mosquitos are annoying blood sucking pests which carry many different harmful diseases.
Kevin Kowalkoski

Kevin Kowalkoski

Nov 18, 2015
Great lawn care service! Always on time and keeps my lawn looking GREAT! can't wait to use their plowing services this winter! Full review ›
Cindy Soto-Keenan

Cindy Soto-Keenan

Nov 06, 2015
Although it was nice speaking with Caleb on the phone the fall clean up that we hired them for was not cleaned up. When I came home the back yard was still full of leaves and acorns. the leaves were not blown of the deck or the yard. Full review ›
Ginger Stegmier

Ginger Stegmier

Apr 19, 2015
Nate Carlson has been taking care of my lawn for years - he does a good job and is very reasonable. When I've had questions or issues, which invariably there are when you're working with someone for years, they've been resolved with a phone call or quick 'coaching' note. Full review ›
Don Bratt

Don Bratt

Apr 03, 2015
Nate Carlson has given us SUPERIOR SERVICE this past winter plowing our driveway. He is always there when you need him and is fast and efficient. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Full review ›
Matt Lilley

Matt Lilley

Jun 04, 2013
Paid $50 for a single cut visit. They did mow the areas I specifically mentioned, but left a large portion of the lawn unmowed and not string trimmed. I sent an email questioning if they mowed and received a response full of excuses and claiming I just have a lot of weeds, and they mowed super high and if I wanted more they would have charged more. Full review ›