In 1914 Harry C. Ridler, an innovative engineer, founded the company on Grand Ave. in South Minneapolis. He and his sons started out installing plumbing and heating systems in new homes in Minneapolis in what was to become Uptown. Today, almost 100 years later, we not only service homes in Minneapolis and St. Paul, but the entire metro community.

In 1982, Pete Savage purchased the business from William F. Ridler and continued the tradition of great service from people you trust. In 2010 we changed our name from "Wm. F. Ridler Plumbing, Heating & Cooling" to "Uptown Plumbing, Heating & Cooling." We did this to create a more memorable name that reflects our years of service.

Offices (1)

  City Minneapolis, MN
  Zip code 55411
  Address 3110 N Washington Ave
  Phone (612) 284-5789
  Today 06:00 AM ÷ 11:30 PM    
  Person Joshua Savage

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New Air Conditioning

We can help with FREE estimates on the best new air conditioning systems, all with an expert installation. Modern air conditioning systems are far more energy efficient than their predecessors. Our air conditioning experts can show you how much you can save year after year.


For a fast response when you need an air conditioning system repair in the Minneapolis - St. Paul area, rely on the team who provide expert solutions and a rapid same day response and call on Uptown Air Conditioning. We've helped local home owners for 100 years and know how to provide the best service for our customers.

AC Zoning Solutions

Save money while improving your home comfort level in Minneapolis - St. Paul with the expert advice and solutions from the experts at Uptown Air Conditioning. We're already the trusted choice in other homes and businesses with over 100 years experience.


For a simple solution to aid in increasing energy efficiency without lowering comfort levels in your Minneapolis - St. Paul home, consider the benefits of a digital programmable thermostat professionally installed by the team at Uptown Air Conditioning.

Air Quality

Provide the best indoor air quality in your home in Minneapolis - St. Paul, and speak with indoor air quality experts at Uptown Air Conditioning. We're already trusted in thousands of local homes and businesses with 100 years experience, satisfaction guaranteed service and individualized solutions to suit your indoor air quality needs.
F. L.

F. L.

Sep 07, 2017
First class professional service ably accomplished by responsible people. The company's team approach, proactive service and followup is unique in today's marketplace. We appreciate their good work and recommend Uptown Plumbing without qualification. Full review ›
D. L.

D. L.

May 03, 2017
Their annual maintenance program has been a great service / value for the costs. Uptown does an excellent job at customer satisfaction and keeps us informed and up to date with their schedule. Full review ›
S. K.

S. K.

Sep 13, 2016
On a routine check-up my furnace was found to be in very bad shape. Uptown diagnosed the Problem and was able to schedule a repair and replacement he next day. Full review ›
Melanie Tauring

Melanie Tauring

Mar 18, 2016
Josh H. and Joe J. from Uptown Plumbing, Heating & Cooling were at my house this morning installing a new furnace and AC and did an excellent job! They were on time, did a great job explaining things to me in layman's terms so I could understand, answered all my questions and came up with a great solution on how to run some PVC pipes. Full review ›
Frank Blankley

Frank Blankley

Mar 18, 2016
Jonathan was magnificent from the moment he entered my townhouse, while he did his work, and on his way out the door. He has a very engaging personality that exudes not only self-confidence but also confidence in his professional knowledge and expertise. Full review ›
John Chrisney

John Chrisney

Mar 14, 2016
Plumber, Philip Baker, was right on time to our early morning appointment. I also appreciated Uptown's reminder call over the weekend. Philip looked, acted, and performed professionally as he replaced a group of leaky faucets in my basement and bathroom vanity. Full review ›
Alec Chiquoine

Alec Chiquoine

Feb 16, 2016
This is my second time reviewing Uptown Plumbing and Heating. Yet again, they were great. Philip (master plumber) and Ian (HVAC tech) came out to my house to do two things. First, Philip checked up on my Flo-Tech water softening system and flushed the water heater. Full review ›
Siglinde Moore

Siglinde Moore

Feb 11, 2016
Phil and his assistant, Erik where most helpful in answering all my questions and concerns with patience and they were very professional about explained in detail of what they were about to do as this job became a little more comprehensive than originally thought. Full review ›
D. I.

D. I.

Aug 19, 2015
Always have uses Uptown for my heating/plumbing needs. They are close by and their workers are quick and knowledgable. Not only did he fix my issue he alerted me on other items of concern and possible solutions. If you are not a do it yourself person like Full review ›
G. K.

G. K.

Apr 18, 2015
So pleased with Uptown Plumbing. For the person on the phone being so accommodating for the appointment to Sean T who came and fix our problem it can't be better. Full review ›

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Community of Care

Since the Minneapolis - St. Paul area has treated us so well for over 100 years, we believe it's only right to keep our community at the top of our minds and give back whenever we have a chance.

We're Hiring

Are you dedicated, trustworthy and customer-focused? Are you on-time, tidy and efficient? Do you have experience in the plumbing, heating or cooling industries? If so, we want you! Uptown Plumbing, Heating

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