As a planning, architecture, and interior design firm, Unthank Design Group serves as your best advocate throughout the design and construction of your project. We will develop a space-efficient office appropriate for your practice, which projects the image you desire.

Our experience indicates that our fee will be more than offset by what you will save in eliminating significant change orders, by not constructing wasted space, and by verifying that you receive competitive pricing for your project.Our goal for your office is to allow you to finish each day with more money in your pocket, less stress in your life, and for you and your staff to look forward to returning to the office the next morning.

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Architectural drawings communicate all of your needs and wants to your builder. Unthank Design Group is an architectural design firm, and therefore we custom design each and every practice based on very thorough development of your Design Program. It is essential that we are able to develop with you an understanding of all aspects of exactly how you intend to practice.

Interior Design

The interior design services provided by Unthank Design Group blend your aesthetic vision with the functional demands of the office environment. Interior design considerations in the development of your new office include the selection of colors, finishes, decorative lighting, fabrics, furnishings, art, and accessories.

Floor Planning

Unthank Design Group includes schematic floor planning as a part of our full services and, if desired, as an independent service. A custom floor plan is developed with consideration given to maximizing the efficiency of square footage, utilizing appropriate zoning of public to private functions, and creating unimpeded flow for patients and staff.

Site Planning

Unthank Design Group includes schematic site planning as a part of our services for new buildings. Based on your Design Program the ideal site and building footprint sizes are determined. The schematic site plan is a conceptual site layout that provides a basis for the full site plan development (typically completed by a civil engineer).


With you, Dr. Unthank will conduct an in-depth review of the information provided in your written Design Program response, as well as the specifics pertaining to the site or space you are considering, or (in the case of remodeling projects) your current space. The appropriateness of the proposed site/space can then be determined, as can the optimal facility size for your practice.
We have both commented many times how fortunate we are to have used your knowledge and expertise on this project. Because of the great work on the front end of the project there were no surprises or cost overruns on the backside. This does not happen often and it shows what good planning will do! Full review ›
Dr. Roger D. Coutant

Dr. Roger D. Coutant

Sep 29, 2016
I thought of you again today as we approach twenty years in our dental office building. It was (and still is) a masterful job, and we still receive compliments on the layout and efficiency. I thought you would like to know that we continue to sing your praises, and although we thanked you at the time, we want to say thank you again - twenty years worth... Full review ›
Dr. C. Roger Macias

Dr. C. Roger Macias

Aug 01, 2016
Our office is so beautiful! It is the talk of the dental community and it was all built without any change ordersâ€|and not only that, our revenues increased over 20% the first year! I am so proud of our office and I owe it all to Michael Unthank and all of his amazing team! Life is good! Full review ›
Alan O. Blanton

Alan O. Blanton

Mar 26, 2016
5 and a half years later, my office is as fresh, clean and functional as the day we finished construction and renovation. I enjoy walking into my office everyday and my team and patients enjoy the atmosphere that is efficient, timeless, relaxing and beautiful. Full review ›
By hiring Unthank Design Group I saved a minimum of 65% in costs and 100% of my time looking at choices, setup, and equipment. Dr. Unthank is very easy to work with and extremely knowledgeable of what works best for the dentist. I completely trusted his advice in lay-out, cabinetry and equipment. My office is great for my patients, my staff, and myself... Full review ›
Dr. Peter Hazim

Dr. Peter Hazim

May 29, 2015
I wanted to extend my sincere appreciation for the outstanding work you did on the design and execution of my office. The final product was much more than expected. My staff and I look forward to working in our new space everyday. And my patients can’t say enough about how beautiful the interior is. Thank you all for your hard workâ€|it truly... Full review ›
Paul Burner

Paul Burner

Jun 29, 2011
I have worked on projects with Mike Unthank of Unthank Design Group for over 10 years. He and his staff are experts at Dental Office Design and I would not hesitate to recommend them for any Dental Office design project that you might have. Full review ›