When you call The Portland Roofers for a new roof estimate or anything roof related you will be greeted by the owner of the company (Chad Westover) who is currently answering the majority of all inquiries. He can only answer one phone call at a time, but if you leave a voice mail or send a text to 503-639-7663 / 503-New-Roof he will get back to you the same day.

We separate the roofing materials and take them to their respective collection sites to be recycled rather than dumping them in the land fill. At Green Way recycling in Portland a large magnet removes the nails and other metals. The asphalt (petroleum based) shingles are converted to roads and highways.

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  City Portland, OR
  Zip code 97206
  Address 7811 SE Ellis St
  Phone (503) 639-7663
  Today 07:00 AM ÷ 07:00 PM    
  Person Mr. Chad Westover

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Do you have a leaky roof in Portland or in the surrounding cities? Has your roof suffered damage due to wind, trees, moss or mold? We can help! Our team of roofing experts can repair any roof damage you might have on any type of roof. Can we save you money by repairing your roof immediately? Don't let a small inexpensive roof leak problem become a big money problem!

Roof Cleaning & Treatment

You can add years to the life of your roof if you do the proper cleaning and maintenance for your style of roofing. Many homeowners think that they could just have a new roof installed and forget about it. The growth of moss, harmful rays of the sun, and debris that gets stuck in the valleys are all things that accelerate the aging and deterioration of your roof.


Are you tired of living in the dark in your Oregon home? Have you ever thought about how something as simple as getting more sunlight can put a smile on your face? Allowing more natural light into your home by installing a skylight can pay dividends in terms of your overall happiness.

Gutter Cleaning

When was the last time you cleaned your gutters? Portland has an abundant amount of trees and other plant life. Throughout the year, but especially in the fall, those trees can cause gutters to become clogged. There are many reasons why you should get your gutters cleaned-including reducing the chance of a waterfall caused by gutters that are spilling over with water.

Roof Recover

To do a roof recover, also called a lay over or overlay, is to put a new layer of roofing over an old layer of roofing. One of the few benefits of a roof recover is that you will not have to pay the dump fees, tear off labor or the cost of underlayment or labor for installation of underlayment/felt. But the benefits really end there.
Bill Perkins

Bill Perkins

Nov 19, 2017
Chad, I'm sure you have been despairing since my last email. You likely lost sleep wondering how my downspout got stopped up. Today I took advantage of the anchor ring you installed by latching a rope to it. I used the rope to walk down the north side of the roof where I discovered. are you ready for this? I found the downspout clogged, not with leafs... Full review ›
Gary Diers

Gary Diers

Aug 24, 2017
Chad, Thank you for the excellent job in re-roofing my house. Everything from the tear off to the same day weatherizing with the new materials went smooth and efficiently. The good advice you gave during the bid included attic air flow, which no one else mentioned. The photos of the eve vents before and after were very convincing. Full review ›
Gene Alger

Gene Alger

Jun 02, 2016
After a big windstorm last night, my roof was left with some minor damage. I called Chad and within an hour Angel arrived and replaced the missing shingles very quickly and charged me a fair price. i will definitely call when it is time to replace my roof and highly recommend this company. Full review ›
AnAnonmyous Reviewer

AnAnonmyous Reviewer

Apr 18, 2016
I had a positive experience having a regular residential leak in a valley fixed by these guys. Chad books out sub-contractors, and the one I had specialized in repairs. He was able to re-design the valley and used lots of ice and water shield, and it looks great. Full review ›
Jorge Bagos

Jorge Bagos

Mar 25, 2016
Very positive since the beginning to the end. They got my roof perfectly clean, with soft pressure water that got the job done without chemicals and fair price. Full review ›
Allen Johns

Allen Johns

Dec 23, 2015
Absolutely thorough and professional job from quote to finish. Thank you Chad for the increadable roof job on our home. Full review ›
Chad Lantz

Chad Lantz

Nov 10, 2015
Andon was an absolute pro! He made my roof look like new. The gutters shine and flow like the day they were originally installed. I was really impressed with the clean-up as well. For as much moss, leaves and gunk that were on my roof, there was no mess left behind. Full review ›
Jesse Rice

Jesse Rice

Jun 21, 2015
I have been a roof cleaner for about 10 years, and I refer all Cedar Roof jobs to Chad, of Americhoice simply because he is one of the best. Using the best oil base treatment with preservatives and charging a fair price. There are so many companies out there cutting costs by putting cheap ineffective chemicals on Cedar roofs which will speed up the... Full review ›
After contracting with your company to re-roof our home in the busy season your crew began work in 2&1/2 weeks which we felt was a short wait considering the busy summer. The crew was friendly and professional and stripped the roof in short order. They informed us of roof decking needing replaced and after checking it we agreed and authorized the replacement... Full review ›
When you call for an estimate, roof repair and roof leak repair service or warranty work, I (Chad Westover) will answer the phone as the company owner or call you back the same day! From the owner Chad Westover: The Portland OR Roof Leak Repair Service is made up of roofers employed exclusively by my company.