Our firm's core focus is to provide the most complete professional service possible to every one of our customers. Our design approach begins with careful listening of our clients' specific goals and objectives, individual needs and wants, and their wishes that is carried out through each phase of the architectural process.

With a special emphasis on contextual suitability our design solutions respond to the unique opportunities and challenges presented by each unique project. Our approach is centered on the goal of both satisfying the client and developing sound and appropriate architectural solutions; an approach that has resulted in a note-worthy history of implemented on-time and on-budget projects.

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The firm provides comprehensive Architectural and Planning services. Our areas of expertise focus mainly on Historic Preservation, Restoration, and Planning/Consulting work. Strata Architecture Inc. has professional registration in Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, and Wisconsin. The firm meets all 36 CFR Part 61 requirements set forth by the Federal Advisory Council on Historic Preservation.


Preservation Planning and Consultation for Historic Properties, Design Guidelines for Commercial & Residential Properties, Preservation Liaison for Municipalities and Private Entities Existing Building Assessment & Evaluation, Exterior Facade Consultation, Section 106 Consultation.