Established in 2005, is a locally-owned full-service landscape contracting firm located in San Diego County (home based in Mira Mesa). Smart Landscape and Garden (S.L.G) has set an industry standard in the design, installation, and maintenance of fine landscape projects in both residential and commercial.

Danny Vu (owner), with an engineering background and a former entrepreneur owner in the Telecommunication Technology located in Mira Mesa Mall (Smart Wireless) from 2000-2005. Since then, he had devoted his time in learning about plants, science, technique and skills for a new career change in providing additional living outdoor spaces for all his clients.

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Landscape design

This is our award-winning specialty, in which we are particularly proud because it may involve at least a bit of everything. But design itself entails a particular knowledge of the components that are to be used. We are detail-oriented, which helps us fully understand the big picture of what it takes to yield successful designs at your home or business property.


Gatherings of all kinds - birthdays, reunions, holidays, graduations or just a simple gathering of family and friends - all are maximized with the ready availability of a deck on your property. San Diego is just too beautiful to not take advantage of throughout most of the year.

Sod installation

We know grass, and we know it very well. Whether your yard is shady, sunny, moist, dry or somewhere in the middle of all that, we know what sod will work best on your property, and how to best maintain it.

Lawn irrigation

San Diego is known for its beautiful grass and year-round pleasant weather, and lawn irrigation is just as much a part of our properties as a pool. But, as with many systems involving the smooth distribution of water, an irrigation system causes headaches for many property owners.

Outdoor lighting

One aspect of making your yard more accessible is implementing lighting for nighttime visits. This adds a subtle statement for curb appeal in your neighborhood, accenting some of your favorite features on your yard. It gets hot in San Diego throughout several months, so enjoying the outdoors is often preferred during the night.


Jul 05, 2017
We had a typical gardener for a while, whom just come mow, blow and disappeared. After we acquired Smart Landscaping service, the yard looks beautifully once again. Mitchells, Scripps Ranch Danny is a reliable and imaginative gardener. Full review ›
Susanna Easton

Susanna Easton

Apr 11, 2016
I'm happy to recommend Danny Vu and his company. We had a pretty good idea what we wanted for our front yard. Gary prepared a plan and budget; we made some modifications and Danny adjusted the project to fit our budget. Full review ›
Vincent Bacino

Vincent Bacino

Apr 04, 2016
Smart Landscape will do a great transformation to your old look. Speak to Danny or Bob and get results. Full review ›


Feb 23, 2016
As an elderly couple, we couldn't take care our yard as we used to and the yard is a mess. After we hired SLS, our yard is healthy and in much better shape. They installed the sod and regularly check back during the first week to insure new sod gets enough water and the sprinklers work properly. Full review ›
Mrs. Blanco

Mrs. Blanco

Jan 18, 2016
We have a fairly large garden which was in need of attention and required someone who could help on a very practical level whilst assisting in the design of the garden which would be pleasing to the eye and as low maintenance as possible (especially with this year water conservation challenge). Danny is able to provide all that. As far as we are concerned... Full review ›


Aug 14, 2015
In the years SLS has been doing work for us we have been delighted with what the crew had achieved in our garden. They contributed a lot to the design and layout to transform our yard into an oriental garden. They are honest, reliable, and trustworthy. Full review ›
Jesse Ryder

Jesse Ryder

Sep 17, 2014
Today my front yard will be finished, and neighbors are already stopping by and raving about how beautiful it is! That's why I didn't wait to post a review. Danny Vu runs an amazing company from start to finish. Full review ›

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