Here at Scarlett's Landscape, we are Landscape Architects. Our in-house design team is composed of a Licensed Landscape Architect and Landscape Design Associate, both Cal Poly Pomona graduates in Landscape Architecture with a combined experience of over 20 years in the field. They specialize in commercial and residential landscape hardscape, planting, irrigation, and grading design and planning.

They will meet with you to discuss your vision and budget for your outdoor space and then conceptualize it all in a formal drawing for your approval. Once the concept is complete the building can begin with everyone on the same page.

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  City Ventura, CA
  Zip code 93003
  Address 2476 Palma Dr., #C
  Phone (805) 642-3002

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Whether you need a new property wall for privacy, low seat wall for entertaining, or retaining wall to hold back that slope you have in your yard, you can trust Scarlett's Landscape to design and build you a beautiful and practical wall.


A gorgeous looking yard is imperative to achieve landscaping success. Constant yard maintenance is the key to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your house or property, protect its value and improve its value.


Hardscape is often times the most critical aspect in the construction of our landscape projects as it is the base point for all other portions of the landscape to work from it. Best success in a landscape space is perceived when proper scale and balance is maintained between Hardscape (constructed material) and Softscape (plant material).

Lawn Replacement

Yes, California is currently in a drought. Yes, you've stopped watering your lawn and it is now turning many shades of brown. So what are you supposed to do now? Rather than just pulling it out and staring at the dirt all day we thought we'd show you some of the many options that are out there for lawn replacement.


An efficient irrigation system cuts water usage and reduces your landscape maintenance efforts. Adequate watering keeps your landscape vibrant and healthy. However, California's restrictions on water usage to prevent drought and conserve natural resources has led to a high demand for new and improved irrigation systems and sprinklers.


Mar 04, 2018
We're very pleased with the service we received from Scarlett's Landscaping. Their design for our garden's hardscape is excellent. We found them to be very prompt in their communication and patient in the negotiations necessary to come up with the best possible plan. They started their work on the date promised and were there all day every day, until... Full review ›


Sep 10, 2017
Thanks again for your thorougness and keeping to the contract schedule as much as possible. We also appreciated your crew's punctuality, courteous attitude, attention to detail, and keeping the workste clean and free of trash at the end of each day. Full review ›


Jul 02, 2017
We engaged Scarlett's Landscape to landscape our backyard area. They recommended a landsccape architect who prepared a tasteful design including decking, lighting, irrigation and plantings. We contracted with Scarlett's to perform the clearing of the existing property and construction of the new design. Full review ›


Dec 05, 2016
We are so delighted by our fabulous new landscape! We absolutely love every bit of it and can't wait for the plants to grow and flowers to blossom. We really appreciate how you met with us on numerous occasions to determine the landscape design, choose plants that we love, finalize the deck configuration, and teach us how to maintain everything. Full review ›


Aug 24, 2016
I had patio pads and walkways installed. I have to share how pleased I am with the contractor I used. His name is Jeremy Scarlett with Scarlett's Landscape, Inc. I interviewed five different landscape companies and found that, for me, his company was the best match. Jeremy gave a very professional presentation. His price was second to least expensive... Full review ›
Linda G. Estrin

Linda G. Estrin

Jun 21, 2013
Just saw your video on irrigation with Sustainable Ventura. Really excellent. Full review ›

West side looking finished... Middle section all that's left #almostdone

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We don't do much brick these days but this driveway and walkway are looking sweet! @ Ventura,…

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Can't remember the last time we installed an actual sprinkler. This subsurface drip install is a work of art

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For those that have been following the Lake Bed Restoration project.... Here's a big picture flyover video my awesome brother in law Aaron Boshoff took for us on his day off from working offshore.

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Pouring rain doesn't stop our guys. Sure, they might have to pause their construction project when things get too wet, but our construction crews take a rainy day and turn it into an opportunity; they

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Foothill Little League Debris Basin Repair and Hillside Stormwater Management

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Jeremy, Chris, and Dave—I just wanted to thank each of you for my recent landscaping project. I thin

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This custom patio is the final stages of setup. Sunken spa is going to be the highlight, second…

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High above the city of Santa Paula busting out an old patio. What a view! @ Santa Paula, California

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Somebody's getting some new turf for Christmas. No more muddy lawn, no more mowing, no more…

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If you saw our last video, you saw this wall come down hard! See this wall crumble in a matter of minutes. We're pros at what we do; we work fast and safely to get your job done!
We do it all, in your yard. Scarlett's Landscape a design, build, and maintain landscaping firm in Ventura, CA has got you covered from seeds to leaves and all points in between. Serving Southern Calfiornia's Central Coast and the Los Angeles area for 3 generations, allow our family take care of your family.