The design experts at Royal Palm Closets take the time to learn about you and your needs. By getting to know how you use the space, they can design the accessories that keep your space organized. Royal Palm Closet Design & Fine Cabinetry can make you a beautiful vanity to beautify your home. The right vanity can make your home a place to love, not just to live.

Let Royal Palm Closet Design & Fine Cabinetry make you a vanity that you'll love. Whether your closet is large or small, Royal Palm Closet Design & Fine Cabinetry can help you make the most of it. Each design is carefully made with your needs in mind.

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At Royal Palm Closet Design and Fine Cabinetry, our clients love two things about us. They love the quality and affordability of our cabinetry. Secondly, they love the friendly service that exceeded their expectations.

Garage Units

Royal Palm Closet Design & Fine Cabinetry realizes that a garage is important for protecting much more than just your car from the elements. They are used for storing everything from bicycles and tools to pieces of furniture. We can install any units you need to help store and organize your important belongings.

Pantry Closets

Royal Palm Closet Design & Fine Cabinetry can enhance the beauty and value of your home by providing custom shelving and organizational units that allow you to store more and find it when you need it.
Megan Andresen Heller

Megan Andresen Heller

Mar 27, 2018
Loved working with Bonnie and her entire crew. Everyone is polite, professional, intelligent and hard working. Our kitchen is magnificent and I can't wait to do our bathroom! Full review ›
Gary & Yvonne

Gary & Yvonne

Feb 28, 2018
We could not have been more pleased with the whole process.we did our laundry room over with floor to ceiling shelves, drawers, baskets, desk area. worked with Bonnie to design it! WOW! Super job! Full review ›


Aug 04, 2017
As a relatively newcomer to S.W. Florida in need of a contractor I chose Royal Palm Closets to undertake a renovation of my closet spaces and floor tiles. Bonnie was excellent to work with and always accommodating my design changes and unique features. I definitely recommend this company for their superior work and reasonable prices. Full review ›


Jan 17, 2017
Royal Palm made a custom pantry for me that matched my kitchen cabinets exactly! This was a tall order since the cabinets were no longer being manufactured and they are a unique color. The construction and installation was all done to perfection. My only complaint, a year later I was unable to get them to call me back for another job, they must be very... Full review ›
Ida Cabral

Ida Cabral

Oct 12, 2016
Thanks to Bonnie and her work crew for a great job they did with our condo remodel! Bonnie is an excellent designer who has a great eye for design as well as great product knowledge and attention to detail! Full review ›


Aug 26, 2016
Bonnie and her crew are a delight to work with. As an Interior Designer in the area it is difficult to find a company that you can intrust your clients to and know that they are well taken care of! Professional, dedicated and trustworthy is the foundation of their work! Highly recommend! Full review ›


May 14, 2016
From the time Dan arrived to design our garage needs and later our master closet, everything was done professionally. They were on time and did as promised with fantastic results. We would highly recommend them. Full review ›
Jeffrey Garland

Jeffrey Garland

Apr 16, 2016
We had royal palm replace our kitchen and bathroom cabinetry over a year ago. they were in and out finished in a week, beautiful and clean. when we had a small issue recently, they immediately went beyond expectations in fixing the problem. Full review ›
Bonnie Carlin

Bonnie Carlin

May 15, 2015
Hello Sid I have responded to this post already but feel the need to do it again. We have NEVER done any work for you. There has never been a contract between our company and a Sid Todd. I have researched you and your many false claims against many local business owners. Full review ›
Gerald Jansen

Gerald Jansen

Oct 12, 2010
They are amazing! Customer service is their middle name.and friendly too.not to mention the pride in their product and work. They did the cabinetry in both my bathrooms and the design factor, the installation, and just working with them was a toally pleasant and super professional experience! Full review ›

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