At Rich Design Studios we create with passion. A passion for designing places that are unique, inviting, and have a positive effect on the quality of life and our environment. We believe good design grows out of both a collaborative process and a creative process that seeks to capture the spirit of the built, natural and cultural characteristics of a site and its surroundings.

With a thorough understanding of the site and the goals of our clients, we are able to translate them into a design to enhance the human experience and be sustainable throughout the life of your development.

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Land Planning

At Rich Design Studios we believe successful Land Planning results when the established vision & project objectives are merged with our skills & expertise through a collaborative effort to create a unique development in harmony with the surrounding environment.

Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture merges the natural and built environments with the goal of improving quality of life and increasing the character of our communities in a way that is ecologically, socially and financially viable.

Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is a key component to Rich Design Studios' collaborative approach to project development.

Environmental Design

At Rich Design Studios we realize each property is unique. So, whether it's for a LEED project or not, we evaluate all of our work for opportunities to integrate best management practices and sustainable design techniques into the project development whenever it's appropriate.