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Create more space in that crowded kitchen or bathroom with residential and commercial countertops from our company in Syracuse, New York. Established in 1979, Quality Countertops serves home remodelers, builders, retailers, and more. We are truly a one-stop shop for all of your countertop needs.

Sam Bova — I am getting ready to call David to help me with my third counter top project in as many years. I am confident that I will completely satisfied this time
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Headquartered in Syracuse, Modern Kitchens is Upstate New York's premier built-in appliance and cabinetry distributor. Our showrooms in Albany, Buffalo and Syracuse feature top-of-the-line products perfect for the most detailed products.

La Step — I just cant say enough about how professional and knowledgeable David Jureller was in helping us complete our kitchen remodeling project. Loved the fact
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We can help you with Roofs, Insulation, Siding, Windows, Decks & Awnings, Chimney Repair, Masonry, Hardwood Flooring, Kitchens, Baths, Sunrooms and we are have specially trained and certified personal to assist in Independent Living design, remodeling and new construction.

Dan Stepien — Would not recommend. Owner and crew missed appointments, no call no show. Clean up of job site was awful. They left nails everywhere and personal items
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With custom designed kitchens and bathrooms, R Koch Construction can offer unmatched professional installations and workmanship that can't be found anywhere else. Visit us today to find out how we can get started on your home improvement project today!

Robert Smith — He did our kitchen, a full redo, and his work was excellent. They were neat and always on time.
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Get the plans you need to give to a contractor or to use for creating your own shopping list. Cindy's focus is on getting the layout you want at prices you can afford, with advice on where to go and who to see. Turn your basement or patio into a great living space with designs that draw on the way you and your family live.

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