RDM Architecture was founded over 30 years ago in 1979. Originally a solo practice out of Rick's residence, the firm soon expanded and moved into its current location. The office is organized in an informal, comfortable work environment encouraging collaboration with a sincere effort to communicate through drawings, models and estimates to creatively and economically solve the specific needs of each client.

The relationships formed and established over the years with clients, contractors and craftspersons have contributed to our success. The ability to listen to what our clients want and solve problems with creative solutions is one of many advantages we bring to the table.

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RDM brings to the table an ability to solve problems and provide creative solutions. By listening to what the client wants and adding a fresh, unencumbered perspective, alternatives that might never have been considered are created.


RDM Architects believe business doesn't have to be boring. In fact, people (customers and employees) are happier and more productive when their environment is pleasing. RDM combines a creative touch with your business objectives to create cost-effective commercial space.