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At greenshield Pest Control, we use only environmentally responsible products. Our treatment is applied with pinpoint precision using methods based on pest behavior, habitats and lifecycle. Our microencapsulated formula slowly releases treatment product over time assuring ongoing effectiveness. Applications can be less frequent, which saves you money.

Melissa — Our technician is always prompt and very descriptive about where he treats around my house. Even if i'm not home, he'll leave an invoice with notes about
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Conquistador Pest and Termite is a locally owned and operated pest control company. Conquistador offers a variety of services and packages to suit the needs of all of our customers.

Tucson — I've used Conquistador for many years now and have always received prompt, thorough, and courteous service. Plus, everyone I've referred to them has raved
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Pest Pro prides itself on professional and expert pest control. Quality of product and service is the key to successful treatment. When you want quality and you need a pro, think Pest Pro.

Elisa — Thank you so much for coming out! I'm so happy NO MORE ANTS! =)) My son called me as soon as you left and expressed what a pleasure it was to have you
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After 20 years in the industry, we have seen pest elimination techniques improve through engineering. We employ micro-encapsulated product sprays that use thousands upon thousands of bubbles to surround the active ingredient. Once the vermin steps on one of these bubbles, their time is up! Thanks to effectively concentrated product we can now use low doses of active ingredients.

Angie — They did a wonderful job treating our home for termites. It's necessarily a messy process, but you can hardly see where they were. Fast & professional
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Goodman Pest Control is your best solution for pest control. Because we're a local business, we are aware of just where the creepy crawlies that exist in our hot desert climate hide. This is important in complete pest control because we are able to kill the bugs at the source-their homes!

Marguerite Samples — Unfortunately, I've been plagued with a roach problem for many years. I tried all kinds of remedies that were supposed to be eco friendly and pet safe

We offer reasonably-priced treatments for both residential and commercial locations which are custom-selected according to the ratio of immediate treatment and prevention needed for your home or business. How often our technicians make a visit depends most of all on how important prevention is for the customer after their initial treatment.

Jeremy Sweitzer — Called them because I had an bad ant problem. They came out quickly and the price was very good. The exterminator showed me where the problem was outside
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There are as many reasons to call SOS the termite experts as there are pests that can make your home uncomfortable and unhealthy to live in. SOS Exterminating has dependably provided Arizona with excellent service since 1937. We are proud of our unique ability to create Healthy Homes through our effectiveness, value, professionalism and reliability.

Nana Mijares — I've never.ever had a problem with them. My service guy, Ray, is awesome! Always willing and able to answer any and all questions i or my husband have
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Headquartered in Tucson, AZ, for more than 40 years, University Termite & Pest Control, Inc. now provides pest control in Tucson and all of Arizona. Our Pest Management Professionals live and work in communities throughout the state.

Diane — My technician makes this company. He is the happiest, upbeat person I know. He does his job thoroughly and I have never had a problem with any critters
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First Inspection Termite & Pest Management is our professional termite inspection company serving the general public for over 25 years. We want to remind you how important it is to perform regular termite inspections to protect your investment. A simple, low cost termite inspection can truly save you hundreds of dollars in the long run.'First Inspe.

Debbie — What a pleasure it was having this company service our home while we lived in the area. The work they did was excellent and Tyler was very caring and professional
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Essential Pest Control has been providing Pest Control in Tucson and surrounding communities since 1981. Essential offers a full line of Pest Control Tucson services including bugs, Termite Control, Africanized Bee Removal, Bed Bugs Control, Weed Control, Rodent Control, and many other specialty services for pest control in Tucson.

Fran Ferlazzo — Corrine was amazing and on top of everything. Donna was great at following up on appointment time and today Nolberto came out and did our first pre-emergent
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