For over 20 years, property owners who need a Houston roofing company have turned to Paramount Roofing for fast, professional, expert service. Whether they require commercial or residential roof replacement or repairs, they always appreciate our attention to detail and our satisfaction guaranteed way of doing business.

Most people wonder how much a new roof costs. You will meet with the owner of Paramount Roofing who will give you a no-obligation price quote after thoroughly inspecting your roof and decking. We will provide a diagram of the process to be sure you understand the steps involved in getting a top quality roof and we use a template to estimate the cost of tearing off and hauling away your old roof.

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  Person Mr. Richard W. Keathley

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Roof Replacement

May property owners delay repairing their Houston roof even if they have an emergency situation or a leak. They keep putting it off until the condition is critical, and they have to replace the roof entirely. If your roof is not doing its job properly, you will inevitably have to hire a Houston roofing company to handle the problem. It will not get better with time.


A Houston roof will not last forever, but if you have your roof inspected twice yearly, you can extend its lifespan and delay replacing your entire roof. A Houston roofing company can perform repairs that will ward off any excess damage and save you the cost of a full replacement.

Houston Commercial Roof Company

If you are planning to begin construction on a new building, or if you need to repair or replace the roof on an existing building, you want to consider the four main types of Houston commercial roofing systems available.

Apartment Roofing

Nearly every apartment complex has an on-site maintenance crew that takes care of the property's daily repairs. But in the event of a serious roof leak, storm damage or new Houston roof installation, building owners and apartment site managers call in Paramount Roofing to handle the heavy lifting.

MultiFamily Roofing

We handle each Houston multi-tenant roofing job on a case-by-case basis. We have experience handling roofs for all types of housing complexes, and we have a proven method and plan in place for new installations as well as emergency repairs. Here is how we normally proceed on large housing complexes.
Al Brown

Al Brown

Mar 01, 2016
Paramount watched the weather very closely and wisely re-scheduled well in advance around thunderstorms. They showed up as promised, cleaned up as promised, and our new roof is gorgeous! Full review ›
Craig Tomas

Craig Tomas

Feb 19, 2016
David and the Paramount Roofing crew did an exceptional job re-roofing my home and garage. They also did an excellent job of cleanup after the job was completed. His prices were right in-line with the competition and I selected his company because of the outstanding internet reviews they have received. Full review ›
Moose Rosenfeld

Moose Rosenfeld

Nov 07, 2015
I have known the owners of Paramount Roofing, Richard & David, for several years. We thought we might have a leak in the roof. I called and David came to the house to check it out. He sent their tech guy, who made minor repairs, sealed where needed, replaced a few missing shingles. Full review ›
Rhonda Perez

Rhonda Perez

Jul 16, 2015
Dear David; Thank you for the wonderful job your crew did today. We really appreciate the work you did for us. I also appreciate you sending the invoice over so promptly. I have scanned and have sent it on to Allstate. We appreciate you working with us in regards to the insurance, payment and also the HOA issues. Full review ›
Susie Murray

Susie Murray

Dec 22, 2014
Fred Allen knows his business well! Paramount Roofing is lucky to have a man with his business ethics. Full review ›
Joseph Diosana

Joseph Diosana

Dec 21, 2014
Excellent roofing company. Fred Allen is top notch, fair, effective and efficient. Our team has Paramount and Fred Allen on our preferred list. Full review ›

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