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From the initial consultation to the final walkthrough, we tailor your experience to satisfy your unique needs as a home or business owner.

Whether you need a paint refresher on your home’s exterior or your office’s interior, the Orlando Painting and Drywall team will provide you with individual service and attention to detail. With us, it’s not just a coat of paint; it’s your chance to make a good first impression, boost morale, and relieve stress. We’re dedicated to delivering a finished product that meets your expectations and budget.

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Drywall Repair & Installation

While an at-home patch up may take care of the aesthetic blemish, any drywall damage may be resting on structural damage underneath, leaving you vulnerable to future repairs. When our team takes care of a drywall problem, we thoroughly inspect the site from the inside out and ensure the structural soundness of your home.

Exterior Painting

For residential and commercial clients alike, paint quality is more important than you may have initially considered. Orlando Painting & Drywall partners with Sherwin-Williams to bring the highest quality product to every job. What’s more, we’re dedicated to using environmentally friendly products on your building’s exterior, giving you a finished product you can truly be proud of.

Interior Painting

Paint does so much more than just adding color to a room; it transforms your mood, protects your drywall, and even helps you keep your living space clean. That’s why you need the help of a team of professionals when it comes to interior painting. The team at Orlando Painting and Drywall offers quick service, attention to detail, and unmatched customer service to give you the best home improvement experience of your life.

Popcorn Removal

Popcorn removal is often at the top of a homebuyer’s to-do list. Not only is this ceiling texture outdated, it can also be hazardous to your health, making this job one for the professionals. The popcorn removal team at Orlando Painting and Drywall specializes in quick and effective removal service, leaving you and your family with smooth ceilings and peace of mind.

Texture and Finishes

The sheer variety of texture finishes often leaves many people unable to select just the right one for their walls. There are literally hundreds of options to choose from, and selecting the right one can take quite a bit of time – time that many would-be clients might not have. Our technicians can help clients pick the perfect texture finish for their walls, quickly and expertly.
Jennifer Brown

Jennifer Brown

Jul 03, 2018
Best. Painters. Ever. Ryan and Des painted our ceiling after we had the popcorn removed and it looks amazing. Day 2 of the painting portion of the job was just supposed to be putting the lights and air conditioning vents back up and doing a final inspection of the paint job. Since the paint had a chance to dry and they were seeing it in a different... Full review ›
Jessica Duca

Jessica Duca

Oct 17, 2017
Since we were having our popcorn ceiling removed, we figured getting the interior painted would be a good move too. We are super happy with the results. We went from an all brown/beige house to variations of gray and we love it! The process only tackled on a few days to the popcorn removal and everything was wrapped up in a week. We would absolutely... Full review ›
Chad Siemer

Chad Siemer

Jul 11, 2017
Another quality job by Orlando Painting & Drywall. I've used them several times now and felt it was time share my wonderful experience with anyone looking to have their house painted. Fast, reliable, professional, affordable, and clean is all I can say. Great job guys! Full review ›
Kollin Yelensky

Kollin Yelensky

Jun 27, 2017
I had them re paint my house and they did an amazing job. I have recommended them to 2 of my friends. Full review ›
Crystal Patronyme

Crystal Patronyme

Jun 14, 2017
I cannot recommend Orlando Painting and Drywall enough! They were quick, professional, and did a fantastic job. Stefan helped me through the entire process from start to finish of getting the interior of my home painted. As a first-time homeowner, I was somewhat intimidated by the task but Stefan was always available should I have a question or concern... Full review ›