Provide great garage door services, overhead door, security gate, and loading dock services at a fair price. With his reputation as his only asset, Norm treated his customers like neighbors and friends, striving to create the customer and business relationships that, today, make his namesake one of the region's most respected small businesses.

After nearly four decades of business leadership, Norm turned the reins of the company over to his daughter, Ruth Smith. In 2006, Ruth and her husband, Jim Smith, became owners of Norm's Door Service and Ruth assumed the role of the company's President and General Manager.

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  City Omaha, NE
  Zip code 68127
  Address 8920 Washington Cir
  Phone (402) 331-8920
  Today 08:00 AM ÷ 12:00 PM    
  Person Mrs. Ruth Smith

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When something works all of the time, you tend to forget how it would impact your routine if it didn't function properly. Case in point: the garage door and the need for garage door repair. For example, the convenience it provides when coming home during a storm and a simple press of the button will open it, keeping you from having to enter into the bad weather to access your garage.


The need for overhead door repair, security gate repair, or loading dock repair shouldn't bring your business to a grinding halt. We know how important it is to keep things moving. You can depend on Norm's for commercial door, loading dock repair, security gate repair, and overhead door repair needs. We're professional, safe, easy to reach, and we're quick to respond.
Maximillian Suiter

Maximillian Suiter

Jul 24, 2015
Replaced two operators with Norm's top of the line recommended product (Liftmaster 8550). Installer showed up late without the necessary parts. Installer left reporting he would return with correct parts. Full review ›
Nora Savetnick

Nora Savetnick

Jul 11, 2014
The company came out to my house three times within two weeks, the second and third times they brought the wrong size spring. They said they would call when the right size spring came in. They never called. Full review ›
Sandy G.

Sandy G.

Feb 05, 2014
I would highly recommend using Norm's Door Service! We have used them several times over the years. We were able to get an appointment quickly and the service man was polite and efficient. Also, the price was certainly fair. Full review ›
Jody Castillo

Jody Castillo

Oct 19, 2013
I had a young man come out to fix my garage door. I had a broken spring on my double garage door and they were prompt and okay any charges before fixing the door. I thought that the price was right and was very impressed with the professional service I received. Full review ›
Andrew Boehm

Andrew Boehm

Sep 12, 2012
Norms Door Service, Inc. I have not needed your services often but for more than 15 years when i have needed your services you have always been available, responsive fair, and honest. Best of all, you have always fixed my door! Full review ›

Blog posts (15)

Getting Your Garage in Order

Spring is right around the corner and we can almost feel it! As exciting as that is, it also means you’ll soon have to get your garage back in order after packing it full of stuff before the winter. This is a task that is talked about every year. Even though it’s talked about yearly, it seems

Common Garage Door Problems (and Easy Fixes)

Your garage door is the largest moving part in your home. It can cause some serious damage or injury if something happens to it and you try to fix it yourself. YouTube DIY videos are great, but for some garage door problems, they can cause more harm. Despite that warning, there are some common garage

The Evolution and Future of Door Locks and Security

Door locks have only been around for 6,000 years. That might seem like a long time, but in terms of the age of our planet, it’s the blink of an eye. The ability to lock possessions behind the door was one of those breakthrough inventions that really changed how communities evolved. And how door

Garage Organization Gifts for Christmas

Are you tired of the garage being a huge, unorganized mess where the cars can barely fit into the assigned slots while your “junk” is hanging loose or piled up on the walls? Let’s talk Garage Organization for Christmas! DIY Garage Organization Even though we are talking about presents

Garage Door Design

Garage doors are, obviously, simple; they go up or down either with a motor or by hand. Some can open out, but for the most part, going up and down is about it. What makes your garage door different than your neighbor’s is the design, and there are plenty of people out there who view their garage

Your Garage Remodeling Project

Most people view their garage as a storage room; park your cars, put your seasonal items up into cabinets or shelves, store your yard and garden implements. But there is a garage remodeling trend happening across the country where the garage is getting looked at as an extension of the home that should

Your Connected Home – Including Your Garage

Our homes are getting smarter. It was bound to happen as most of the world is connected now and most people want to make their lives easier, including their home life. Smart home systems allow you to easily attain energy efficiency with a connected thermostat, have your lights turn off or on after you

Doors and ADA Compliance

All businesses understand the need for compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act and have done all they can since the law went into affect years ago. But, it’s always a good reminder what’s needed in terms of doors when it comes to making it easy for disabled Americans to enter

What You Need for Your Loading Dock

When it comes to making sure your loading dock is secured and safe, Norm’s Doors is ready to help. And we aren’t just talking about installing loading dock doors. We will help you with any loading dock equipment you might need. Loading Dock Equipment We work with several vendors including

The Critters And Your Garage

The end of summer looms and the small animals that have been running around the yard all season are preparing for the cold months ahead…and that means, your garage is calling them. Mice, Chipmunks, possum, raccoons, and snakes are all prepping for winter like we prep for winter, except we don

Cleaning out the Garage

Spring cleaning the house is one thing but tackling the garage is another story all together. It just seems like a mountain that's impossible to ascend. The stuff in your garage is usually way more

Your Garage Door in the Summer

After a long winter of snow, ice, salt, and mud your garage door gets pretty nasty, and all the moving parts take a beating from the cold temperatures. If you set aside a little bit of time to perform

Garage Door Minor Repair

Is your garage door not closing all the way or it goes too far past the opening? Does it come down with too much force? No, it's not possessed by evil spirits and you're not going crazy. You

Winter Garage Door Problems

This time of year you start to realize the benefit to having a well organized garage that you can actually fit your car in. When temps get nasty, not only will you have a warm place to park you'll

Celebrations in the Garage

Celebrations are in full swing! You've got plenty of parties to make an appearance at but you're also in charge of hosting one this year. Having everyone over will be fun but if you do some

Thank you, Omaha! Again this year, we are honored to be voted the WINNER for the Best Garage Door Company. Let us s…

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