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Your Orem Locksmith, No hidden fees!

Your honest Orem locksmith provider, we supply an upfront over the phone quote if you can answer a few basic questions. Our quote will be accurate with no hidden fees! We thrive to be the best locksmith in Orem, Utah!

We offer auto locksmith services including auto keys, lockouts, rekeys, ignition repair, and more! Residential locksmith services including but not limited to lock repair & installation, rekeys, Ring camera installation, deadbolt repair, replacement, and lockout services. Commercial Locksmith services include access control, master keys, rekeys, lockouts and so much more!

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  • Upfront Pricing With No Hidden Fees!
  • Bonded, allowing us to perform commercial locksmith services!
  • Free Phone Quotes
  • Emergency Services 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  • Great Orem Locksmith Technicians
  • Excellent customer service!

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  City Orem, UT
  Neighborhood Orem & Vineyard
  Address 1463 W Center St
  Phone (801) 850-0133
  Today 07:00 AM ÷ 11:00 PM    
Nate Olsen

Services (3)

Car Locksmith Services

Car Locksmith Services

Do you need key cutting, transponder programming? Maybe you’re dealing with a lockout at 2 AM at the gas station? Relax, call Mr Key Locksmith for assistance. Our mobile locksmith teams cover all of Utah.
Home Locksmith

Home Locksmith

LOCK REPLACEMENT, INSTALLATION AND REPAIRS We work with top-brand locks, providing the best quality rekey kits and spares available. Our locksmith team is qualified, experienced, and ready to fit any lock system to your home. From a simple mortise lock to advanced biometric systems – we do it all.


Commercial locksmith services are an important role in keeping your Utah business up and running! Locked out? No Problem! Small business is the backbone of the local Utah State economy. At Mr Key Locksmith, we want to support local business owners, ensuring that you always have safe and secure access to your facilities. Whether you need advice on safeguarding your business against criminals, or improving aspects of fire safety, Mr Key Locksmith is your trusted partner.

Projects (3)

Mazda car key copy & programming2 photos

Mazda car key copy & programming

We cut & programmed a car key for a Mazda in Orem, Utah.
Car Unlock, GMC Key Cut & Program2 photos

Car Unlock, GMC Key Cut & Program

We unlocked a customers vehicle including cutting and programming them a new key.
Unlocked Vehicle, Car Key Cut, Program, And Key Fob3 photos

Unlocked Vehicle, Car Key Cut, Program, And Key Fob

We unlocked their Nissan, cut & programmed a spare key and a new key fob in Orem, Utah.

Deals (3)

Rekey Special3 photos

Rekey Special

We will rekey your residential locks for $94 this includes up to 6 locks and 4 keys. This includes the service call fee to come to your house! No need to bring your locks to our office! Call us and mention this special on Best Improvers today!
Residential Lock Installation3 photos

Residential Lock Installation

This special includes (1) doorknob and (1) deadbolt, installation and service call fee all for $95 your choice of brushed nickel or gold. For only $25 more we can upgrade it to oil rubbed bronze.
Car Lockout Orem Special2 photos

Car Lockout Orem Special

We will unlock your car for $64 this includes the service call fee! This covers most makes and models but excludes some luxury makes, models, and some newer vehicles due to the security and type of lock mechanism in the car. Call us and mention this deal and be sure to ask if it covers your make, model, and year of vehicle.
Charles Rigby

Charles Rigby

Oct 15, 2020
They made a car key copy for me including programming. I purchased my own key online and researched Orem locksmiths near me. Surprisingly not many locksmiths would program car keys unless they supplied the key. This place was the only one I could find that would help me. They were pleasant to work with and will use them in the future. Full review ›
Melody Johnson

Melody Johnson

Oct 15, 2020
I needed a car key programmed for my Dodge Ram, they offered to do it at the shop but I opted to have them do it while I was at work. They showed up on-time and was about 40% less than I was quoted at the dealership. Full review ›
Heather Rosalyn

Heather Rosalyn

Oct 14, 2020
I was locked out of my car in Orem due to me losing my keys. The dealership said I needed to bring the car to them which wasn't really possible since I was locked out. The locksmith arrived quickly and unlocked the car, we were talking about how I needed a tow truck to take my vehicle to the dealer and the locksmith explained they could program a... Full review ›
Sweetie Belle

Sweetie Belle

Oct 07, 2020
Called these guys when I lost my car key for my ford. They had Nate here within 10 minutes and he quickly cut me a new key and then gave me the 2nd one free!! Thanks so much, this company is awesome!! Full review ›

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Key Maker Near Me - Car, Commercial & Residential

Key Maker When searching for “Key Maker Near Me” you are probably looking for a car key copy or programming. Because most hardware stores cannot program chipped keys. This leaves you guessing on who or where you can find a car key maker. While you can always use the dealership, most people avoid this option because even with an appointment they tend to take what seems like forever. They typically put smaller tasks like key cutting & programming on the bottom of the priority list. Plus if you have lost all keys then you will need to tow your vehicle to them. Also, they usually charge 40-60% more, between the cost of the tow truck and higher expense and time wasted it’s much better to choose a local key maker near you. Now, that you have found a key maker near me that offers cutting, duplication, and programming. Let’s talk about why Mr Key Locksmith, is one of the best locksmiths in Orem. We are licensed, insured, and bonded. Our goal is to restore the industry name which is why we offer upfront, honest, rates without the hidden fees!

Locked My Keys In My Trunk - 801-850-0133 - Mr Key Locksmith

Locked My Keys In My Trunk When “I accidentally locked my keys in my trunk you start to panic because you probably have places to be and it’s frustrating when you have lost the use of your vehicle. This puts you at risk of being ripped off due to people preying on those who are vulnerable. However, there are solutions and reputable locksmiths that do help without taking advantage of you. Solutions “I Locked My Keys In My Trunk” First, make sure you did indeed lock your keys in your trunk, obviously, you may have already done this but sometimes we are mistaken just double-check you didn’t take them in the house with groceries or leave them on the couch. Second, is the rest of the car locked? If no, make sure your car isn’t equipped with a trunk button because if it is you can just pop the trunk and retrieve your keys. Third, if you have locked your keys in the trunk and the car is unlocked, some vehicles are equipped with an access panel if that is the case you can use it to retrieve your keys from the trunk. Fourth, if the car is locked and indeed your keys are in the trunk sometimes figuring a way out into the car may be easier than trying to open the trunk. When we are in crisis mode we sometimes don’t think clearly do you have a spare key? drag_indicator If no it’s a good idea to obtain one after you retrieve your keys from the trunk to avoid this problem in the future.

Locksmith Lindon Utah

Locksmith Lindon We offer Lindon locksmith services, transparent, honest, and ethical pricing. No hidden fees! When we give you a quote it includes the service fee and all charges. Some scam companies like to quote a really low price on the phone then they arrive and add service call fees, difficult access fees, and more! Mr Key Locksmith won’t do that! So it may seem like more on the phone but after you calculate all the fees they are going to add we are by far one of the most affordable Lindon locksmiths. Car Locksmith In Lindon, Utah When it comes to car locksmith service, car lockouts are one of the most common problems. It’s much better and easier to give us a call and have us program or cut you a spare car key to prevent this issue from arising. If you don’t have a spare and have locked your keys in your car our Lindon locksmith techs are here to help! Don’t forget to ask about having a spare key programmed or cut for you while we unlock your car. The more locks we work on the bigger the discounts become. image image All of our Lindon locksmith technicians are licensed, insured, and bonded. This means we not only care about your security but you and your family’s safety as well. Whether, you need a locksmith in Lindon for a simple rekey, lockout, or some spare keys we are here to help you. Mr Key locksmith hates the scamming companies too! Locksmith is our livelihood and when we hear these horror stories it makes us upset too. This literally is a blow to our industry and most of them aren’t even locksmiths they are usually some guy who bought a Slim Jim online and goes around overcharging uninsured, not licensed, or bonded. Emergency Lindon Locksmith Service When a locksmith in Lindon, service is needed, it is important to choose the Lindon locksmith that has the experience and the equipment to provide the best locksmith service possible. By choosing Mr Key Locksmith which is licensed and bonded, we offer the services that are necessary for residential, automobile, and commercial customers. By finding Mr Key Locksmith you will see we have a good reputation and is important. A company that has a lot of satisfied customers is also important. This can give customers a good indication of the type of company they are dealing with and their ability to offer a good service. Commercial Locksmith In Lindon Other Locksmith Service Areas If you want to hire a commercial locksmith in Lindon, you will need to consider a few factors first. You will need to ensure that the locksmith you are looking at is bonded, insured, licensed, and has a good reputation in the industry. A commercial locksmith can install panel bars, access control, master keys, and more. Mr Key Locksmith is dependable, reliable, and honest the last thing you need is to hire someone who will not return your calls in a timely manner, as they can leave a bad impression on you if they do not. You will also need to consider what type of lock you have. If the lock that you are looking at has no keys, then the locksmith should be able to rekey your commercial lock.

Locksmith In Orem, Utah - Honest, Upfront Pricing, No Hidden Fees!

Locksmith in Orem, Utah If you are considering a Orem locksmith for the first time, you need to make sure that you choose a locksmith that you trust completely and that you feel comfortable with. For starters, you need to ask are they licensed, insured, and bonded. Here at Mr Key Locksmith we are fully licensed, insured, and bonded. Whether you are locked out of your car, house, or business you are in SAFE hands. Call Us: 801-850-0133 Locksmith In Orem learn more here https://bit.ly/2H049Un

Locksmith Orem - Utah County - SLC

A short video explaining how Mr Key locksmith can help you in the Orem, Utah County, And SLC area.

Vineyard Locksmith - (801) 850-0133 - Mr Key Locksmith

Vineyard Locksmith A Vineyard Locksmith with no hidden fees! Vineyard locksmith services include lockouts, car, residential, and commercial. It’s hard to believe how much Vineyard has grown over just a few short years. What used to be empty fields and open area around Utah Lake has been developing so fast that soon nobody will believe what it Vineyard once looked like. With the growth, the demand for a Vineyard locksmith has become more and more apparent. Which is why Mr Key Locksmith is just a hop skip and jump to your residence, vehicle, or commercial building. We will get you back up and running in no time!