Moxie Pest Control was founded by Jason and Kristen Walton in 1999. Since then, the company has expanded into several branches in different locations, including Virginia, North Carolina, Utah, Colorado, Texas, California, Missouri, and Arizona. But we maintain our mom-and-pop roots, and we consider ourselves part of the local community.

We're not your typical pest control company. Yes, we're passionate about getting rid of your pests, but more than anything else, we care about the people we serve. Moxie Pest Control loves helping individuals, families, and communities in Arizona live happier, safer lives.

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  City Phoenix, AZ
  Zip code 85040
  Address 4620 E Elwood St
  Phone (480) 400-2847
  Today 09:00 AM ÷ 05:00 PM    
  Person Mr. Brian A. Clark

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Moxie Pest Control provides the best in commercial pest control, as each of our customers is given a customized control plan based on their individual needs. Because of our customized assessments, pricing for pest control services varies depending on the needs and size of each location. Call us today and get a quote for your business!


Ants in the kitchen are not only unsightly and embarrassing, but they're also able to spread disease and cause real damage to your property. Because ants breed rapidly in large colonies, pest control is the best way to keep them from harming your loved ones. Although most ants are just considered a common nuisance, some species can bite or sting.


While honeybees are beneficial and benign, other lookalikes like wasps and hornets tend to be more aggressive and apt to sting. Moxie is trained to deal with them, and we take a less peaceful approach to their incursions onto your property. A hive of stinging insects can be a real hassle and genuine threat.


We don't know anyone who would welcome a cockroach as a house guest into their home or business! The minute you see one cockroach, there's a whole group of friends and family where that came from. If you're an untrained eye, removing cockroaches can be a difficult task to try and do. You may think you completed the job, but soon enough a few cockroaches will emerge from hiding.


Moxie Pest Control can handle any pest problem, and that includes Arizona homes and businesses that have been taken over by mice and rats. Rodents pose not only a significant health risk, but a high potential for property damage as well. In addition to carrying disease and creating pulmonary issues, mice and rats are capable of chewing through pipes, wiring, insulation-even walls.


Feb 17, 2018
Moxie was professional and informative. They came on time and worked hard to get rid of our pests. Thanks Chris L. The office staff is really friendly too and our salesman was extra great. Full review ›


Jan 19, 2017
Chris L. with MOXIE Pest Control was extremely informative and highly professional. He was very interested in the concerns and issues we were having and was very diligent in his approach to correct the issues. Thank you Chris for being so pleasant to work with. Full review ›


Dec 28, 2016
Mike O. has been to my house to exterminate. I love this company. They are always polite when you call and always professional. Mike is so considerate of our baby and 3 dogs! I feel so comfortable and safe with their services being there is an infant and dogs in the house. Best of all, NO MORE SCORPIONS AND ANTS! Thanks! Full review ›


Nov 26, 2016
We have been very pleased with the pest control that we have gotten from MOXIE. The tech that came by today, Sam H., was very polite and made a point of letting me know what he had done and the products that were used. He was also on time. This is important, because it allows me to get the dog out of the house and the yard for a walk. Keep up the good... Full review ›
Cody was extremely pleasant and professional, explained everything he was doing and what he found, great service overall! Full review ›
MarcelElla Herlo

MarcelElla Herlo

Aug 30, 2016
Best service I ever had the pleasure to work with. My tech was Danny and he did a wonderful job. Every professional! Thanks again moxie! Full review ›
Jennifer Woo

Jennifer Woo

Aug 12, 2016
Best service all around. Every person who comes to our home has been amazing, recently Danny has been to do our service & he is friendly & helpful & very sweet. I've never experienced such proper customer service from any other company! Full review ›
Nikki Anderson-Green

Nikki Anderson-Green

Jul 05, 2016
Thanks Moxi for your great service! Cody was very professional and pleasant. You always accommodate us at a moment's notice, and send the most professional techs. I will always stay with Moxi, and will continue to bring my friend's and loved ones into the Moxi family. Full review ›
Vickie Michel Slife

Vickie Michel Slife

May 11, 2016
Thank You Moxie Pest Control for your thorough and professional services. Bobby and Brandon did a wonderful job today using your great natural products that keep our dogs and chickens safe. Customer Services is obviously a high priority for your company and that is indeed rare these days! Full review ›
Adam Ruminer

Adam Ruminer

May 05, 2016
My latest experience with Moxie. A neat professionally dressed young man showed up this afternoon to perform the monthly pest control maintenance on my home. He was friendly, very professional and sincere about his work. Full review ›
Kory Satterfield

Kory Satterfield

Apr 22, 2016
Right on time. Great attitude. Quick service. What more could a man ask for. Full review ›
Dawn Kavanaugh

Dawn Kavanaugh

Apr 07, 2016
Moxie has been working with our animal rescue for 2 years. We are thrilled with their service. Most recently, Hunter was at my home and he is polite, respectful and professional. We are proud to continue our pest service with Moxie and recommend their service to anyone. Full review ›
Tracy Smith

Tracy Smith

Apr 06, 2016
We have used Moxie for 4yrs & not 1 complaint. Customer Service is AWESOME with this company.from office staff to technicians. Do yourself a favor & check them out. You won't be sorry! My wife & I HIGHLY recommend Moxie Pest Control. Full review ›


Apr 06, 2016
Moxie Pest Control has been doing a great job servicing my home for the last 5 months. Today I was home when the technician, Sam H., arrived. Sam was very courteous and professional while still being personable. After completing the service he reviewed which chemicals were used and reminded me I could always call for a re-treatment if needed (I haven... Full review ›
Lori Smith

Lori Smith

Oct 17, 2015
Coy Sanchez did an AWESOME job! He was very professional & personable. He listened to our concerns & addressed each one, then reported back to me what he did, along with what he did or didn't see. One BIG service item we really appreciate is the Xtra service call or calls being FREE. in between quarterly treatments. Full review ›

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Moxie Pest Control technicians shows how to granulate the yard as part of the regular maintenance service for homes in Phoenix Metro Area, Maricopa County, Arizona. The most important step in regular maintenance service by Moxie Pest Control is the sealing off the foundation for scorpions, crickets, earwigs and against other invaders.