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When Monster Fence decides to install a new fence, it will be the best fence or nothing. (not stealing Mercedes’s motto) We’re not just another Fence Company in Leander, we ARE the best fence company in Leander. The best is never cheap and cheap is never the best. Therefore, please don’t waste your time if you don’t want the best. 🙂 We will always guide you to choose the highest quality materials and our workmanship takes just a bit longer than our competitions because we take extra steps to be the best; deeper holes with posts, more welding joints, galvanized screws, primer & paint for touch ups to name a few. Bashing others online isn’t our strategy so please ask us to explain the why we’re the best during your new fence site evaluation and we’ll be glad to expound at that time. Not sure what fence you want? We offer a full range of fences and ancillary service in and around Leander.

Why choose us?

  • Customer Service is paramount at Monster Fence Copmany
  • Attention to detail; Monster Fence doesn't take shortcuts, we are thorough, methodical, deliberate

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  City Leander, TX
  Zip code 78641
  Address 2621 Greatwood Trail
  Phone (512) 501-2006
  Today 08:00 AM ÷ 06:00 PM    

Services (4)

Residential Fence

Fencing for residences, homes, backyards
We're focused on residential fencing. Whether your it's your first house or your last, a residential fence is the best way to secure your property. We have residential fencing to fit your budget as well as custom ornamental fence and masonry wall systems to perfectly compliment your property.

Wood Fence

Wood Fence, Privacy Wood Fence, Wood Panel Fence
At Monster Fence our most popular fence is, by far, the wood privacy fence. You see them in almost every back yard in any suburb in American, Texas is no different. Like any product or service, not all wood fencing is the same. If you’ve ever moved into a new construction sub-division or home where the privacy fence was installed already by the builder then you know how poor the quality can be. Builders just want to turn a profit and we can tell you from firsthand experience they request the absolute cheapest possible fence to be installed. On the other hand when you find your forever home and want the job done right you can choose premium cedar pickets that are over 1″ thick with galvanized steel posts & galvanized screws, not nails.
Wrought Iron Fence4 photos

Wrought Iron Fence

Iron Fence, Steel Fence, Galvanized Steel Fence, Metal Fence, Ornamental Fence
A Wrought Iron Fence is Monster Fence Company’s favorite fence style and our specialty. Wrought Iron Fencing gives your property the elegant touch it deserves. If you’re on a budget then you’re on the wrong page, wrought iron fences are not for the faint of heart when it comes to home investments. If you’re looking for steel fencing, ornamental steel fences, or ornamental iron fence then you’re probably on the correct page as “wrought iron” and powder-coated, galvanized steel fencing are generally considered one in the same. This is the common black metal fence seen on properties with higher than average market prices. However, today’s wrought iron fence is not your grandfather’s heavy duty “classic” wrought iron fence. Today’s version of wrought iron fencing is very light weight. While you can still get the classic, heavy duty style seen around older universities and similar institutions, they come at a hefty price.

Chain Link Fence

Cyclone Fence, Hurricane Fence, Chain Linked Fence
When I think of a “fence” the first thing that comes to mind is the classic chain link fence. Chain-link fences are sometimes called “Cyclone Fences” or “Hurricane Fences” for their reputation of durability; being able to withstand a cyclone or hurricane. This is due to both the chain linked fence’s galvanized steel composition and also the design which, unlike a wood privacy fence, allows air to pass through with little or no resistance. A chain link fence just looks tough, impenetrable which is a great deterrent for would be trespassers. Not always considered the most aesthetically pleasing, chain link fences are definitely great for your budget.

Projects (2)

Fence in Bertram4 photos

Fence in Bertram

Here’s a fence project we’re working on in Bertram, Tx (Ranches of Canyon Creek) . This project will include multiple elements; Access Control (Automated Front Gate), Custom 16ft Single Swing Gate w/Initials Mounted, Large & Small Manual Gates, Masonry columns/posts, Wrought Iron (galvanized, powder coated, steel) Fencing, and Barbed Wire Fencing. All of this on ground that’s basically solid rock so there will be a lot of jack hammering for the posts. To make this project come together Monster Fence Company had to employ several specialty disciplines; electricians, access control engineers, masons, & iron designers. We haven’t been awarded the project yet, but it’s been a lot of fun already just working on the detailed proposal!
Fence Leander4 photos

Fence Leander

This is actually 2 projects in 1! Next door neighbors in the Greatwood subdivision of Leander off Bagdad Rd decided to work together and get their fence installed at the same time. They decided on 6ft, 2 Rail, Wrought Iron Fence (this classic black metal fence is actually galvanized, powder coated, steel) with a number of custom, self closing, gates. This iron fence style is a must in their subdivision as dictated by the HOA. It's also great for pools as a 6ft with over 5.5 feet of vertical space between horizontal rails is rather difficult to navigate especially for children.

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