El Paso Locksmith Pros understands how important it is that you be able to find highly trained locksmith technicians for both commercial and residential needs, as well as automotive and emergency needs. We also understand how important it is that you be able to find a quality locksmith in El Paso TX to provide rapid service for lockouts.

El Paso Locksmith Pros can provide all of these things and more. In addition, our fast and friendly staff understands that the last thing that you want to do is waste your precious time waiting around for a locksmith to show up when you are already frustrated because you are locked out.

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  City El Paso, TX
  Zip code 79901
  Address 142 Main St
  Phone (915) 799-0939

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Being locked out of your car is never fun. Not knowing who to call for such an incident makes it even worse. Never wonder about who you will ring when your keys are on the wrong side of your locked car door. If you are in El Paso, Texas and surrounding areas, call us at El Paso Locksmith Pros. We offer fast, 24×7 locksmith service to get you back in your vehicle and on the road.


When you need emergency locksmith El Paso TX service, it's important to call the most reliable locksmith in town. El Paso Locksmith Pros is a family-owned locksmith in El Paso, and we are fully licensed, bonded and insured. Our mobile service offers fast and affordable 24×7 locksmith service to residents and businesses in El Paso Texas and surrounding areas.


Foremost in every businessperson's mind these days is the security of his or her business. This makes it essential that the property is furnished with the most modern in equipment and techniques to assure this safety, such as access control and panic hardware, immediate response to office and storage lockouts, and so forth.


If you need a reputable residential locksmith in El Paso that provides complete locksmith service for homes in El Paso, Texas and surrounding areas, call El Paso Locksmith Pros. We are a trusted locksmith providing full residential locksmith services in El Paso and other nearby areas.

Key Cutting

Our locksmith vans have everything that a brick and mortar key making business has within them. This includes the latest in state-of-the-art key cutting equipment and literally thousands of blank keys on hand ready to be cut for you.

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Office Lockouts Services in El Paso, TX

Mobile Locksmith Pros El Paso: Don’t Let Your Business Suffer and Call Us For Office Lockouts Service in El Paso, Texas, and Surroundings. (915) 799-0939 Did you leave your keys in the office? Locked your door unknowingly or broke the key off in the lock? Well, this is the situation when you face

Electric Strike Locks in El Paso, TX

Mobile Locksmith Pros El Paso- Get Secure Locks with Installation and Repair of Electric Strike Locks service in El Paso, TX, and surroundings. (915) 799-0939 Are you looking for extra security parameters for your residential building or business? Well, consider an electric strike. Electric strike locks

High-Security Grade 1 Locks in El Paso, TX

Mobile Locksmith Pros El Paso- Experts On Call For Professional High-Security Grade 1 Locks Repair and Replacement Service in El Paso and Surroundings. (915) 799-0939 According to the American National Standards Institute ( ANSI), High-Security Grade 1 Locks are the strongest locks that are available

Peephole Installation El Paso, TX

Mobile Locksmith Pros El Paso- Best Service Providers for Professional Peephole Installation Services in El Paso Texas Are you looking for different ways to improve your home’s security? Well, then a peephole, commonly known as door viewer is the device that you need to stay protected. With a

Profile Cylinder Locks in El Paso, TX

Mobile Locksmith Pros El Paso- Call us for Professional Profile Cylinder Locks Repair and Replacement services in El Paso and surroundings. (915) 799-0939 Profile cylinder locks are also known as Euro-profile locks. These locks are widely used throughout the United Kingdom and are mainly used for the

Keyless Entry Locks Services in El Paso, TX

Mobile Locksmith Pros El Paso – Your First Call for Professional, Keyless Entry Locks Service in El Paso and Surrounding. (915) 799-0939 Keys are the problem! They get lost easily, can be duplicated, aren’t smart, and re-keying a lock is always costly. Here, at Mobile Locksmith Pros El

Panic Bars / Push Bars Services in El Paso, TX

Mobile Locksmith Pros El Paso – Your First Call for Professional, Panic Bar/ Push Bar Services in El Paso and Surrounding. (915) 799-0939 When a huge number of people try to escape a building quickly in case of emergency, there are chances of serious injury and even death. This is where the role

Laser Cut Car Keys Automotive Locksmith in El Paso

Mobile Locksmith Pros El Paso – Your First Call for Professional, Laser Cut Car Key Locksmith Service in El Paso and Surrounding. (915) 799-0939 Unlike regular metal car keys that any hardware store can make for you, laser car cut keys are specially designed using advanced laser technology. Only

A Full List of Automotive Keys

Are you looking for a full list of automotive keys? Things have changed quite a lot since the 1990s, when it comes to car keys - mechanically cut car keys are no longer the only type of car keys

Consumers guide to car lockouts

Car lockouts are really very common - most people get locked out of their car at some point in their life. What happens in a car lockout? Well, you cannot get into your car, as simple as that. There

All of the wonderful services of a commercial locksmith

Do you own a commercial real estate property? Perhaps you are a business owner who is leasing a property? This article is for you! Have you ever wondered what a commercial locksmith does? - They

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