For over 50 years, Magnolia Plumbing, Heating & Cooling has been serving the residents and companies of the Washington, DC area. We have dedicated ourselves not only to your comfort, but your wellbeing and quality of life. In those past 50 years, 3 generations of Magnolia family members have spent their lives always pushing the bar for excellence.

Today, the accumulated expertise of all those years is passed on to our customers. When you hire us to do a job for you, you can rest assured that our work will be of the highest quality. We don't cut corners, and we never do less than our best work on every single job.

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  City Washington, DC
  Zip code 20017
  Address 600 Gallatin St NE
  Phone (888) 829-8510
  Today Open 24hrs    
  Person Mr. Justin S. Johnson

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Plumbing Services

When your plumbing system is not running smoothly, you need a reliable plumber there to assist you as quickly as possible. But you should also find an expert who can help you with all of your plumbing needs over time, whether you want to upgrade your fixtures or add in a new sump pump or water treatment system.

Drain & Sewer Services

The drains and sewer system that you use in your home or business are of incredible importance. When many people think of the benefits offered by their plumbing systems, they will naturally think of the clean, potable water which pours forth from their faucets and plumbing fixtures, or of the water heater that allows for the simple, convenient heating of this water.

Water Heaters

Of all the luxuries that we, as modern homeowners, enjoy, the near instantaneous access to hot water is certainly among the most valued.


Washington, DC can get quite cold during the winter season, so it is incredibly important that you have a good heater installed in your home and that it is in fine working condition. To guarantee that this is the case, though, you need more than just a great heater. You must also know for certain that your heating services are of the highest quality.

Air Conditioning

Washington, DC may be known for its proverbial hot air, but there's no getting around the fact that we get some serious heat and humidity during the summer months. The best way to combat our sultry summer air is with a whole-house air conditioner for your home or business space. However, you can't just throw any old system into your building, and this is where our experts come in.
V. Morales

V. Morales

Jun 15, 2017
I just want to thank you for the very quick response to our need of replacing the water heaters yesterday in a very short request. The job was completed to our satisfaction. Kim will be sending you a signed contract for the water meter installation. Full review ›
G. Lindsey

G. Lindsey

Jan 26, 2017
Joe, the guys did a great job. Andre was out first thing yesterday morning and Carlos got the wall painted. They were done by early afternoon. I really appreciate all the hard work you guys did and for taking my call on Easter Sunday (please tell him I'm sorry to have interrupted). Have a great summer. Full review ›
Christopher M.

Christopher M.

Jan 20, 2017
Michael, I had the opportunity to stop by (my rental property) and see your work over the weekend and was really pleased with the outcome. Thank you for doing such a nice job! Full review ›
Mr. Geovonn Y. showed up promptly at 8:00A ready to work. From the introduction to his departure, total professionalism. He began with summarizing what he had been informed the issues might be. He asked for my input and confirmation. Full review ›
Ingrid Monaghan

Ingrid Monaghan

Jul 18, 2016
Magnolia gave professional and punctual service and I have used their service for several years. Full review ›
Jerry Mazzuchi

Jerry Mazzuchi

Apr 26, 2016
Carlos was extremely professional as well as knowledgeable about the problem I was having with my PTAC air conditioner short cycling the cool air. He was done in a jiffy and didn't waste time because he knew I had an appointment to make. Full review ›
Christopher Vance

Christopher Vance

Mar 24, 2016
Carlos is a great plumber. I have been using his services for a number of years. He's knowledgeable of all plumbing issues, patient with his explanations, and just an overall pleasant individual to work with. Full review ›
Robert Krech

Robert Krech

Mar 18, 2016
We had a gas line issue come up unexpectedly during chimney repairs. Magnolia sent Humberto that day to decide the scope of work and parts needed. Humberto came back the next day and took care of the issue within about 20 min. Full review ›
Patricia Diana Taylor

Patricia Diana Taylor

Mar 11, 2016
I was so glad to see Samuel M. Today 3/11/16 after spending 2 super hot days and nights in my home. He was professional and courteous. Samuel came in and found the problem with the furnace right away. Full review ›
Jane McGregor

Jane McGregor

Feb 23, 2016
I called Magnolia Plumbing and they came on time and solved my problem quickly. The lead technician Kenny Taylor was very friendly and professional. They left my bathroom very clean considering what had to be done. Full review ›
Kevin Gray

Kevin Gray

Feb 22, 2016
Sam was very professional, knowledgeable and honest. He first off fixed the mess the previous worker from a company that shall remain nameless had made, then quickly diagnosed the problem and promptly fixed it. Full review ›
Edward Shepperson

Edward Shepperson

Feb 05, 2016
I have experienced numerous pin-hole leaks in my water piping over the past 28 years. The original piping was Type M copper and appeared to corrode extensively due primarily to the chemicals in the water supply. Full review ›
Jerome Nash

Jerome Nash

Dec 24, 2015
The techican was outstanding. He was very professional and on time to provide outstanding customer service. He explained in detail the entire procedures to repair my plumbing problem. The customer service reps were instrumental in changing my dates to accompany the home association policies. Full review ›
A. Muldrow

A. Muldrow

Oct 30, 2015
Charles was very professional, even when our tenant would not comply as he was conducting the work. I would like to request that Charles conduct all our company service calls Full review ›
Mrs. Callegari

Mrs. Callegari

Jun 26, 2015
Though this was the first time I used Magnolia, you came highly recommended. Andre was just wonderful! He really helped me out. I will be using Magnolia in the future. Full review ›

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We know that sometimes you're going to have an emergency problem come up that just can't wait. We don't believe you should be punished for a situation that wasn't your fault. That's why we offer emergency service 24/7, 365 days a year.
When the home and business owners of the Washington metro area, including northern Virginia, need plumbing repairs, plumbing service, air conditioning or heating service, they know the only call they need to make is to Magnolia Plumbing, Heating & Cooling.