We at Lightning Bug Electric take great pride in our reputation for being the trusted electricians of so many residents of Marietta, GA and all across Atlanta. We have more than 25 years of experience in the electric industry and are led by a master electrician! Needless to say, when you seek our help, you can feel confident in knowing you've got the help of true expert electricians.

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When you are a business owner, it is vital that you have an electrician you can rely on to efficiently and effectively handle whatever electrical needs you may be facing. Since 2003, our Marietta electrical contractors at Lightning Bug Electric have dedicated themselves to delivering top-quality and professional electrical services to business owners across the community.


As a homeowner, keeping up with the maintenance of your home's electrical system is important to ensuring that you and your family are safe, and all your systems are working properly at all times. At Lightning Bug Electric, we can take the stress and worry out of making sure that everything is working well with our reliable and trusted services.

Home Safety

At Lightning Bug Electric, we address important home safety issues, such as power surges, faulty smoke detectors, carbon monoxide leaks, and more by providing our customers with informative safety tips and practical solutions to common household electrical issues. When you need a reliable and professional electrician in Marietta, you can count on Lightning Bug Electric.

Landscape Lightning

Outdoor lighting can enhance the usefulness of your outdoor living spaces and beautify your landscaping. Having your home's landscape upgraded can have a substantial payoff with regards to maintaining or increasing the value of your property.

Pool & Spa Lighting

If you are interested in having underwater lights or exterior lighting in and around your pool or spa, it is imperative to obtain professional assistance from a licensed electrician. At Lightning Bug Electric, we are committed to accomplishing your lighting goals by beautifying your home, as well as making it safe and up to local ordinances.
Latoya G.

Latoya G.

Feb 04, 2018
Top Notch Pros! I called and had an electrician out to the house within a few hours. Awesome service from the first voice answering the phone to Danny the electrician. I will definitely call them for any other issues Thanks Full review ›
Zee Taher

Zee Taher

Jun 16, 2016
Amazing service! Came out last minute and took care of something another company couldn't! Full review ›
Jim Smith

Jim Smith

Apr 08, 2016
GREAT EXPERIENCE! Fantastic from the first call to work completion. Our H.O.A. wanted lighting installed at the entrance of our development and the job to be turn key. Each employee was on time, from Tim looking at scope of work to Lee and Steven doing the site work through job completion. Full review ›
Rick Fallis

Rick Fallis

Apr 03, 2016
Last week a dump truck caught our main power line and tore the entire main power line and meter off the side wall of our garage. This happened around 1:30 pm. First thought was no power at least until the next day. Full review ›
Gwendolyn Samuels

Gwendolyn Samuels

Mar 30, 2016
We recently purchased a home and unfortunately there was a lot more electrical work that needed to be done than what we realized at the time of the home inspection. I initially called lightning bug based on the reviews I found online and I can honestly say we were not disappointed in the services we received. Full review ›
Leo Dunham

Leo Dunham

Mar 29, 2016
What great service. I got a quote from Mr Sparky that was almost 4 times as much as I paid Lightning Bug. James and Bobby could not have done a better job. It took around 1 hour and the installation looks great. Full review ›
Bob Lang

Bob Lang

Feb 19, 2016
I would venture that most homeowners know less about electrical issues than any other area of their home. So you have to trust somebody. Nobody wants to spend a lot of money unexpectedly! But in life you get what you pay for. Full review ›
Jenn Marine

Jenn Marine

Jan 04, 2016
Best Electrician in Cobb county! Lightning Bug crew have helped me out on quite a few projects. The lighting bugs showed up on time and completed all work as quoted. Never a delay or an extra to speak of! Full review ›
Nhuy W.

Nhuy W.

Nov 06, 2015
We used Lightning Bug Electric for our kitchen pendent lights. They were very professional on giving us the quote and also doing the job. The quote was very reasonable compared to other quotes we received. We also had to reschedule the appointment the day of and they were very understanding. We would definitely use them again. Full review ›
Gillian W.

Gillian W.

Sep 09, 2015
These guys were great! Very friendly on the phone and were able to come to the house in a couple of hours. The tech was very honest and even though it ended up costing quite a bit (for a whole new breaker panel) I could tell he wasn't just trying take me for a ride. Absolutely no sales pitch at all. Very friendly and willing to walk me through what... Full review ›
Bianca Isom

Bianca Isom

Aug 19, 2015
I would never call another electrician! Bobby came out and did an amazing job on our home. He was very patient, helped explain things in terms I could understand. I didn't feel like I was getting the bait and switch. Full review ›
Ms. C.

Ms. C.

Jun 13, 2015
I had the misfortune of having a few outlets short out in my condo. I called and made an appointment with Lightening Bug and boy am I glad I did. Kevin came out and very quickly diagnosed my issue. He discovered and solved the problem in under an hour! Not only was Kevin very professional and knowledgeable, he was also very polite and thoroughly explained... Full review ›
Nick M.

Nick M.

May 02, 2015
I have dealt with many electricians in the past and I can say with 100% certainty that Tony has the best trained crew in all of Cobb county. Put away those coupons from other companies and stop looking for the cheapest in town. Go with the best, forget the rest! Great Job Lightning bug! Full review ›
Adelina D. Alberghini

Adelina D. Alberghini

Feb 01, 2015
We hired Lightning Bug Electric to install a ceiling fan. When Leo removed the old fan, he noted the original box was plastic and not up-to-code. He said Company policy would not let him install the new fan unless we had a metal box that was within code. Full review ›
Michael Crockett

Michael Crockett

Apr 26, 2014
Great company! If ever you need an experienced and fun professional in electrical, call LBE. Fun place to work and family operated! Support your local business! Full review ›

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Stay Connected with Lightning Bug Electric

At Lightning Bug Electric, we pride ourselves on delivering efficient and quality electrical services to our clients throughout Marietta. Whether you are in need of residential services or electrical work

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