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Sensenig's Landscape Supply is deeply rooted in our commitment to provide top quality materials, coupled with superior service throughout our organization. We achieve this through knowledge based sales and support, guided by a strong sense of courtesy and integrity in all of our efforts.

Eboli Lickoli — At the Buffalo Road Location. An awesome place to get landscape supplies and they have a HUGE selection of boulders of all sizes and colors at below reasonable
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We take pride in improving your land. Sometimes it's ornamental for beautification and curb appeal. Sometimes it's functional, like to shed water away from a structure in a natural way, or to gather water for a green solution. No matter the purpose, we can improve your land and get you the result you want.

Gabe Milonni — It went very very well. They were here until well into the evening the first day and up until the 6:30 the second day. They cleaned up well and hauled
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North Greece Landscape is at the forefront of Paving Stone Installers. We enjoy what we do, are constantly striving for excellence and warranty our work from the ground up.

Aaron & Kerri — Thank you and your crew for the hard, cold work! I've filled out the form and it and the check will go out with tomorrow's mail. We also wanted to thank
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Let the experts at Trimline Landscape Management install a new great looking landscape or maintain your existing lawn. You can receive weekly lawn service or make arrangements for one time service. You can expect prompt service from our uniformed and professionally-trained staff. We'll go the extra mile to make sure your landscape looks great!

D. J. — I would highly recommend this company! The staff that mows my lawn is always prompt, very courteous and fast! It used to take me hours to mow the lawn
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We offer free estimates and consultations to design your landscape either in your home or at our design center. We can change or add to your existing landscaping or do a full landscape overhaul. For a full landscape design, we offer to-scale CAD drawings for free if installed by JMF.

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Fields Of Green Lawncare and Landscaping is a fully insured, owner operated company that has been serving the Rochester, NY area since 1996. Whether you are a first time home owner with a small lot, or a large commercial property spanning several acres, we have the experience, skills and equipment to take care of your landscaping needs.

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The term hardscape was coined and used by landscapers to describe portions of their design that are not organic (like plants, grass and trees). Hardscape instead refers to the components that shape your yard and make it functional.

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