We offer comprehensive design services which are tailored to each client's individual project requirements, ranging from furniture & accessory selection to interior design for new construction & remodels. Whether you need help with one room or the whole house, K&L Interiors will create and execute a unique design plan that suits your taste and lifestyle.

If you are looking for a professional opinion from an interior designer, but aren't ready to commit to our Full Service Interior Design, we recommend our Design Consulting Services. Design consulting can range from finish material selection, to assisting with your kitchen or bathroom layout, and overall style and product recommendations for your home.

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Top Tips | Bathroom

Top Tips | Bathroom When we take on a bathroom design project, there are a number of standard details that we think about incorporating right off the bat. These details are important for everyday functionality and aesthetics, and are affordable for most of our clients. Then there are the luxuries. While

Behind the Scenes | Custom Furniture

Behind the Scenes | Custom Furniture For K&L Interiors, making each space personal to the client is immensely important to our design process, which is why it’s not surprising that we stand behind the concept of custom furniture. If you can imagine your interior space like an outfit, wearing

Get the Look | Coastal Casual

Get The Look | Coastal Casual On a recent trip out to Bainbridge Island, I was inspired to create a palette with finishes and fabrics that capture the essence of coastal casual style. Creating coastal style is all about natural textures and incorporating bright whites and watery colors. White grasscloth

Behind the Scenes | A Day in the Life

Behind the Scenes | A Day in the Life As a general rule of thumb, most people perceive interior design to be all fun and fluff. The reality is quite different! Before we get started and let you in on the behind the scenes of our profession, we first want to say how much we absolutely love our jobs

How To | Incorporate White

How To | Incorporate White For as long as I can remember, people have been giving the advice that you should never paint a room white. I image the reason for this is that white has long been perceived as blah or boring, and color is so much more exciting. My answer to this school of thought: NOT SO

Things We Love | Built-Ins

Things We Love | Built-Ins One of the ways you can immediately tell that a home was designed and built thoughtfully are the unique features that are built right into the home itself. When you walk into a well-designed home, the details in the construction will stand out just as much as the dé

How To | Get Your Dream Closet

How To | Get Your Dream Closet Happy New Year! If you are anything like me, you’ve made many New Year’s resolutions in the past, but rarely follow through. This year I am trying something different and it starts with my closet! I am choosing a new goal for myself each month, like keeping

Get the Look | Masculine Palette

Get The Look | Masculine Palette Lately, we’ve been completely enamored with dark and moody interiors. And what better way to implement the style than by creating a masculine palette? We love the way that a dark tone on tone design pairs with a few pops of deep color. Bringing together geometric

Behind the Scenes | Hiring a Designer

Behind the Scenes | Hiring a Designer We love working with and designing for our clients, but design is not the only thing we bring to our projects. There are several important ways that interior designers are beneficial when remodeling or redecorating a space. 1. We Can Help You Get Your Money&rsquo

Get the Look | Gray & Camel Palette

Get The Look | Gray & Camel Palette In recent years, gray has been the new neutral color in design. It’s super versatile and integrates well into a range of décor styles. Gray also pairs nicely with a wide variety of colors. However, when incorporating gray into a design scheme, it