Proving roofing contractors in Rochester, NY to protect your home from the elements.

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  City Rochester, NY
  Neighborhood Maplewood
  Zip code 14615
  Address 2075 Dewey Avenue
  Phone (585) 865-5428
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Vinyl Siding

We use only top-quality vinyl siding. Our work lasts for years, so we want our materials to hold up, as well. You have many choices when it comes to vinyl siding. That's great. but it's also kind of overwhelming. Check out our showroom to see all the possibilities. A JJ Construction representative can walk you through the options and help you select the one that's best for you.


Sometimes it's better to start from scratch. If your roof is very old or heavily damaged, a full replacement might be in order. This involves tearing off all the old materials and laying a brand new roof. Once it's on, you've increased your home's value. a LOT. There won't be any leaks, so you and your possessions will stay dry as a bone.
David Perkins

David Perkins

Feb 22, 2018
Thank you for your prompt attention to my home needs. This company went over and beyond to help me when my roof was leaking. They had great communication, at my home quickly and did the work promptly, and did a great job. I will recommend JJ Construction to anyone needing work done on there home. I will also be calling to have them do siding for me... Full review ›
Eric Dellerba

Eric Dellerba

Aug 09, 2017
Great service for 10+ years! John and his team are great! They did a complete tear off of the roof on my first house, cleaned our gutters on a regularly scheduled basis, fixed a problem another company caused etc. etc. etc. They've continued the excellent service and workmanship on our new home. They plowed and shoveled recently when we were away... Full review ›
Sherrill Hahn

Sherrill Hahn

Jun 05, 2015
My husband and I had a new roof / complete tear off and new siding installed on our house. The crew worked very efficiently and professional. The sales rep, which was the owner of the company, was very knowledgeable and helped us with colors and went out of his way to make sure we had exactly what we wanted. Full review ›
Stephanie Hahn

Stephanie Hahn

May 28, 2015
Last week i had my roof and windows installed by JJ Construction. The crew was very prompt, professional, the clean up was great and the job looks amazing. Feels like a new house. I would definitely recommend JJ Construction for home improvement needs. Full review ›
Steve Hanning

Steve Hanning

Apr 22, 2015
We had damage to the inside of our home at the end of this winter from severe ice buildup. We had received quotes from 4 other contractors before signing onto JJ. The guy who came out, Scott, was very friendly, and from what we could tell, fought hard to get the pricing to what we truly needed. Full review ›
Christie Russo

Christie Russo

Apr 15, 2015
NO COMMUNICATION. Do not waste your time with JJ Construction - we selected them as our contractor after experiencing major ice damming over the winter. The first two visits were great, Scott was very helpful and informative, but as soon as we signed the contract to give them the job if we were awarded the money from our insurance company, Scott stopped... Full review ›

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