At Jason Warfield Residential Design, when we build a custom home we go into extensive research into exactly the type of home that our customers want. We know that these discriminating buyers are very particular about important details and want to convey a distinctive image to their friends, family and visitors.

Not every residential designer can create a custom home to meet the tastes of luxury of important clients, but we do our best and have several very satisfied customers whose homes show their importance and power in a topsy-turvy world. Here are some of the ones we like the best.

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Remodels are a great way to add new life and style to any home. The entire house has to be taken into consideration prior to working on any one portion of it. Changing the interior layout can re-define how spaces are used individually and also how they relate to other parts of the home.


It is critical to integrate the style and character of the new addition with the original residence. Ideally, additions should look as if they were a part of the original construction of the home. The roof lines and eave details need to maintain the same character for continuity. Exterior finish materials and colors should blend seamlessly to blur the edge of new and existing.

Jason Warfield Residential Design is a multi-discipline firm bringing 21 years of construction and design knowledge to home building and design. While working on any project, from large custom homes over

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