A Terrazzo floor is one of the most beautiful and long lasting floors currently in use, but Terrazzo does need protection from wear, absorption and stains. Traditional Terrazzo is comprised of marble chips in varying size and color, embedded into a cement or epoxy binder, technically speaking, two parts marble to one part binder.

There are different methods used to protect a terrazzo floor: Concrete Polishing is a very attractive and economical option when considering flooring systems for your facility. Practically an unknown flooring option not long ago, our multi-step diamond-polishing technology now makes it possible to grind, hone and polish concrete surfaces to a mirror like finish.

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Our Decorative Epoxy Flooring Systems offer a distinctive and pleasing appearance. In addition they offer outstanding performance characteristics. We provide a seamless, durable, and decorative finish that will positively enhance your facility. Our Epoxy Flooring Systems are a great choice for Labs, Cafeteria's, Clean Rooms, Hospitals, Schools and Industrial Facilities.

Gym Floor Maintenance

The hardwood gymnasium floor in your facility is one of the most valuable investments you have. Dial One Indy Floor Restore offers a low cost maintenance program that can extend the life of your floor for many years, while giving you a consistently great looking floor. We offer an annual screen/scrub and re-coat process that only requires 2 days of down time (depending on size).

Carpet Cleaning

Our encapsulation cleaning method is very efficient and affective. This method assists in preventing too much moisture and detergent from being introduced into your carpet while neutralizing soils and residues that are attached to your carpet fiber. In addition, our solution prevents soils from easily attaching to the carpet fiber and acts as a soil barrier.

Wall Coatings

SaniMAX-C is a new evolution in tile surface protection. It is based on a unique, newly developed polymer technology called Xolite, which is formulated to provide superior protection and extraordinary ease of cleaning for tile and grout surfaces.

VCT flooring

VCT flooring is among the most familiar to facility managers. VCT floors make up more square footage than any other type of resilient flooring. One of the reasons for its prominence is because a VCT floor is still one of the least expensive floors to install, and it wears well in a variety of traffic areas.


Apr 22, 2017
I have been working with Mike Sachs and his SaniGLAZE crew since 2003 to refurbish the rotunda floors in our four story courthouse. To date they have successfully completed all four stories and continue to maintain these floors. Their process has greatly improved the appearance of our tile floor, with grout that now has color rather than just black... Full review ›

Please take a moment to check out our new website: https://t.co/vN65wVBLXE And a big thanks to @KICKSdigital for doing a great job!

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We restored this polished concrete floor at our sister company's showroom, Spectrum Supply! https://t.co/CSPthMojKv

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This wall was transformed with our SaniMAX-C Wall Coatings! https://t.co/HpJzx5U3TW

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