Houston Green Maid is Houston's most premier cleaning service and one of the first of its kind to offer environmentally friendly cleaning services to Houston and its surrounding areas. The company is bonded and insured. Service areas include all of central Houston out to Katy and North of Houston into The Woodlands.

Whether or not you are environmentally conscious, everyone deserves to live in a clean home. Houston Green Maids will clean your home in and out, from top to bottom, and more so you and your loved ones can enjoy living in a even cleaner home. The added benefit is Houston Green Maids takes it a step further by using chemicals that are good for the environment and not harmful to you and your family.

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Cleaning the bathrooms thoroughly every visit is key to maintaining a clean home. Houston Green Maids will clean every crevice of your bathrooms and disinfect the areas no one enjoys cleaning. This is where your home cleaning team does a lot of the heaving lifting.


If you use your kitchen, you understand how quickly it can get out of hand. Add in the new open space designs in today's homes and it can get unsightly extremely fast. Houston Green Maids will clean the kitchen top to bottom every visit. The maids will clean up all the things you forgot top clean after you cooked or had guests.


When you see your bedroom(s) after Houston Green Maids have cleaned your home you will be amazed with the results. Your home cleaning team will wash and replace the bed linens just as if you were staying in a hotel. In addition, the floors, blinds, and baseboards will all be cleaned and wiped down. Nothing makes sleep better than a clean and comfortable bedroom.

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Houston Green Maids strives to clean every home with a professional touch by cleaning everything you would clean plus everything we have learned to clean after over a decade of cleaning homes six days a week. The company cleans top to bottom during every visit to ensure you, your family, and your pets live in a clean home both on the surface and in the air.
Crys Tidball

Crys Tidball

Dec 04, 2015
My husband and I were so happy with the service we received. Lupe and Olga did a FANTASTIC job. I have already given a friend your information to call and set up for her home. Thanks so much!  Full review ›
Mike Read

Mike Read

May 28, 2015
The mighty cleaning duo headed up by Rosie was incredible. Amazing attention to detail. Great communication. And spotless results. Nothing escaped her sharp eye. The house didn't sparkle like this the day it was built. Full review ›