Highland Electric has been the forerunner of electrical service in Minnesota since 1965. Over the years, the technology and tools used for electrical systems-whether residential, commercial, or industrial-may have changed, but our commitment to uncompromising service and quality remains the same! Since our founding, Highland Electric has set itself apart by never chasing profits or compromising on our reputation for quality and personal service.

Instead, we put our clients' needs first every time, preferring long-term value and performance over the quick buck too many contractors settle for.

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You should have the assurance that your home's electrical systems are reliable and won't cause damage to your house in the long-term. That when you flip a switch, the lights come on. That the security system doesn't fail to protect you. That you aren't in danger of a fire because of faulty wiring.


All commercial establishments, big and small, have substantial electrical requirements in order to maintain an efficient and positive work environment. But that shouldn't be your main concern, because you need to devote your time and energy to staying productive and profitable.


Electrical systems for industrial properties and complexes require expert handling, due to the many situation-specific and unique industry environments and regulation requirements. This often also involves complex machinery, workspace lighting, intense security systems, dedicated power systems, and more-all increasing the knowledge and skill with which a project must be approached.
James Street

James Street

Dec 21, 2017
Steve came out to connect a line from our house to garage. He was helpful and the line works great! Full review ›
Mary Culligan

Mary Culligan

Nov 05, 2017
Rick was very nice and did a really good job. I refer all my friends to Highland Electric. Thanks for the excellent service. Full review ›
Meaghan Shomion

Meaghan Shomion

Sep 30, 2017
Very professional, courteous, and efficient! Thank you Highland Electric. Full review ›
Rick Bialick

Rick Bialick

Oct 14, 2016
Rick Bialick gave Highland Electric a nice complement and he would like to figure a way to give them more work as he sees the jobs going better and better. Full review ›
Kim Malloy-Hoffman

Kim Malloy-Hoffman

Sep 25, 2016
Very professional and courteous! Thanks, Rick from Highland Electric. We will tell our friends to come to you if they need electrical services! Full review ›

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