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At Pink Rose Home Service we take great pride in delivering the best service and exceeding our customers' expectations every day.

Susan Mayer — Jeff did a wonderful job! I've used the service twice and highly recommend Pink Rose!
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Many homeowners have no idea how easy and affordable it is to hire a handyman in Rochester, NY! Most often they think that home repairs will be too costly or may make the mistake of thinking that they can just continue to put off repairs. Unfortunately, by putting off minor repairs it can lead to costly major repairs.

Amy Amata Dreeson — Tim is easy to work with and has a wonderful positive attitude. Super pet-friendly, and hard-working!!
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When you're looking for home or commercial remodeling or property repair that's well done and at affordable prices, look no further than Ontime Handyman & Construction Services. We specialize in remodeling, repairs, commercial store and home improvement services.

Darcy — April 1, 2011: mr traub came to my home and gave me an estimate for repairs in a timely fashion. the price was great and he got the job done right away
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