Grass Masters was founded in 1998 by (Chuck Champ) father, and his two sons (Nick and Charles). They started this company with a push mower and a good motive, which was to "Give the customer top quality service at an affordable price." This basic premise is what has helped them grow Grass Masters into a premier property maintenance company over the years.

Father Charles, told the boys at a young age "boys if you're going to do something, "do it right and do it right the first time, because if you don't it will come back to bite you." As simple as that sounds most companies fail to do this. Most of the time they are more concerned about getting jobs in and getting them out, or attempting to grow the business too big.

Offices (1)

  City Knoxville, TN
  Zip code 37912
  Address Knoxville
  Phone (865) 385-3262

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Our brush, bush and leaf removal systems are the best. We can remove the old bushes, plants, limbs, sticks and other unsightly debris from your yard. In addition, we'll leave the cleaned areas prepped for new plantings. This is all done with little to no lawn damage.

Hedge Trimming

You will be amazed at how clean and sharp your home will look when your old, unkempt bushes and trees are professionally trimmed. Our talented crew is great at shaping and re-gaining structure to old or overgrown shrubs surrounding your home. After trimming, we perform excellent clean-ups to keep your yard looking its best.


Mulch is an easy inexpensive way to improve the look of your landscape. Mulching around trees, plants, flowers and shrubs not only gives a great appearance, but also helps insulate the plants and shrubs during the colder months. Having a good layer of mulch also helps retain water for your plants and shrubs. This is very beneficial in the hot summer months.
Michelle Micolle

Michelle Micolle

Oct 15, 2015
When requesting service I stated on the phone that my yard was an acre all of which was to be mowed and to be done immediately due to the previous owner not cutting the grass prior to me moving in. The man I talked to on the phone quoted $35, I told him that must be wrong but he said it was not. Full review ›