Fredell Enterprises is a landscape design-build company providing full-service landscape design and construction. Our company can create just about any landscape amenity you can imagine. This includes water features, fountains, ponds, fire pits, outdoor fireplaces, and accent and spot lighting. Did we also mention outdoor kitchens, built-in barbecues, patios, decks, pathways, stone steps, pergolas, and arbors?

Of course, we also provide all of the traditional landscape construction services too. These services include retaining walls, turf and/or native grass areas, planting beds, irrigation, final grading, soil preparation, erosion control, and more.

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Retaining Walls

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind when considering creating terraces for walls. Pikes Peak Regional Building Department has rules about the height and spacing between walls. The maximum height of a retaining wall is four feet. Any walls exceeding 4 feet in height must be designed and inspected by a licensed civil engineer.

Water Features

Moving water has a soothing effect as the sound of babbling water can be calming. It can also serve as white noise for distracting sounds such as traffic, trains, or neighbors. A water feature can also be the focal point of your landscape. Place it adjacent to your deck or patio so that you can experience it as part of your outdoor living space.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting can be a great way to show off your landscape at night and highlight the architecture of your house. Fredell Enterprises uses low-voltage lighting to provide accent and spot lighting for architecture, trees, and water features. Low-voltage LED path and step lights provide increased visibility and safety when trying to walk around your yard at night.

Stone Steps

Stone steps are a beautiful and exceptionally durable way to traverse steep slopes. Siloam steps are the same stone as our Siloam stone retaining walls, and each slab is custom fit to your topography. Flagstone is also another great choice for creating steps. Step heights can range from 4 to 8, and the depth of the tread can be 12 to 24.

Dry Creek Beds

Proper drainage across your property is vital to the structural integrity of your home and erosion resistance in your landscape. Dry creek beds serve as an aesthetic element for your landscape and act as a functional channel to collect and direct water through your property.
Mark & Karen

Mark & Karen

Mar 29, 2018
We feel the completed project exceeds our expectations. Please feel free to give our name to prospective clients as a reference. We will give our highest recommendation for Fredell Enterprises. Full review ›
Ron & Kathy

Ron & Kathy

Feb 08, 2017
We wanted to jot you a note and to relay how happy and satisfied we are with all the landscaping done by your company.achieved exactly what we envisioned for our Colorado home. Full review ›
Jay Jesse

Jay Jesse

Sep 28, 2016
I couldn't be happier. Definitely the best in the Springs. Excellent results and people and I thought the prices were reasonable for such a high quality. Full review ›
Greg & Dickie

Greg & Dickie

Oct 19, 2015
Over the past year, it has been our pleasure to work with Fredell Enterprises as we completed the landscaping for our new home. We would like to express our thanks and appreciation for an excellent job and wonderful experience. Full review ›
Tom & Diane

Tom & Diane

Jun 19, 2015
With the completion of our mountain stream/pond feature & the stone work and plantings, we are compelled to extend a very big Thank You! The results of your planning and landscape services are outstanding. The whole experience with Fredell Enterprises has been a pleasure. Full review ›
Joseph Rasmussen

Joseph Rasmussen

May 19, 2015
Fredell Enterprises did a fantastic job on our backyard! Neighbors have told us that it looks like something out of Better Homes and Gardens, and people living up the hill from us have come by for business cards because they can see the landscaping from their house and think it looks beautiful! Full review ›
Al & Susan

Al & Susan

May 09, 2015
Thank you for the work you and your company and your employees did on our recent driveway and front yard landscape project. We are totally happy and amazed at the result. Full review ›
Cindy Miller

Cindy Miller

Jan 22, 2015
We are thoroughly delighted with Fredell's landscaping project for our backyard! We love their great team! Full review ›

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During the summer months in Colorado Springs the heat from the sun can be rather intense at times. Not only do people need some relief from the heat of the sun, but so does the garden in order to thrive. This is why providing shade in the landscape is so important. Shade can make the difference between


Showcasing art in the garden can make a bold statement as it most often serves as a focal point. Placing a single object tends to make a bolder statement than several objects, which tend to compete to be noticed. Sometimes, however, several pieces of outdoor sculptures can create a unique and unified


There are many ambiguities when it comes to gardening; plants that thrive, synthetic versus organic fertilizers, wildlife deterrents, etc. However, one certainty you can count on is that mulch is good for all gardens. Not only is mulch aesthetically pleasing, it also has several practical benefits

Garden Chores of the Month: November

November is the time to put your garden to rest for the winter by mulching beds and wrapping trees. Here’s a few checklist items for garden chores of the month to help you. Mulch roses and tender perennials. Rake leaves. Cut back perennials to 2-3” from the ground. Wrap trees, especially


Proper drainage on your property is vital to the structural integrity of your home and erosion resistance in your landscape. Dry creek beds serve an aesthetic element for your landscape and also a functional channel to collect and direct water through your property. These swales are lined with various


Landscape lighting is a great way to accent your landscape in the evening hours. Fredell Enterprises uses low-voltage LED lighting to provide accent and spot lighting for architecture, trees, and water features. Path light fixtures are not only great landscape accents, but they also provide increased


Each fall, before the first hard freeze, sprinkler systems are “blown out.” This happens in regions where frost in the ground reaches below the depth of the irrigation pipes. In Colorado Springs, blowouts are usually done in October and November. It’s convenient to delay the irrigation


You might be looking out your window, staring into a plain back yard that doesn’t really have a purpose and never gets used except maybe by the dog. You don’t like to have people over for a BBQ because the patio is too small, and the yard is uninviting. You have probably dreamed of what

Garden chores of the month: October

The end of October is the finish line for the gardening season. This is the time to rake leaves, shut down the irrigation, and rake the planting beds. Here’s a few checklist items to help you through this process. Follow temporary draining instructions for sprinkler system (page 9), as temperatures


Garden paths are an essential element in most landscapes as they provide a way to easily walk around your yard and move equipment. Often, pathways are a means to get from the front yard to backyard, particularly from the garage. Surface materials can range from colored, stamped concrete to crushed

Garden chores of the month: May

May is the month when landscaping and gardening really get into full swing. Here are a few maintenance reminders to help you keep your landscape healthy and looking great. Garden chores: Install annuals


Water is a beautiful element that supports all life. It relaxes the mind as the sound of it can be mesmerizing. The sight of a water feature in a landscape provides relief in the arid climate of Colorado


A bubbling boulder is a type of pondless water feature that requires little upkeep in comparison to ponds. However, some maintenance needs to be performed on a regular basis in order to keep it running


When you're looking for a landscape contractor to transform your yard look no further than Fredell Enterprises. For over 30 years Fredell Enterprises has been providing beautiful and creative solutions

Garden chores of the month: April

April is when the fever to be outdoors and dig in the dirt starts stirring within garden enthusiasts. April is the month when landscape maintenance really begins for the upcoming seasons. Here are a few

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