A healthy, beautiful, weed-free lawn not only adds value to your landscape and property, but also adds to the quality of your life. The reason we started Emerald Island Lawn Service is because we enjoy our green environment. Since our lawns and landscapes play such an important role in our environment, we felt that would be the one place we could make a difference.

At Emerald Island, we use only the most effective procedures and processes designed to protect our environment, yet keep our lawns and landscapes healthy and that includes dry granular applications. With Emerald Island Lawn Service, you'll no longer have to remember when to treat your lawn or what products to use.

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Great lawns have great soils underneath them. That's why it's so important to do a soil test. A soil test gives an accurate analysis of the basic building blocks found in the soil on your property. By conducting a soil analysis before beginning a lawncare program, we will know exactly what your soil needs to grow a quality lawn.

Weed Controls

Improving the soil should be at the top of the list. This means regular fertilization, dethatching, regular aeration, adding top-dressing occasionally and overseeding your lawn at the appropriate time. Follow these guidelines and in a short period of time your topsoil will be one of the best topsoil's in the neighborhood.

Lawn Aeration

Most people are not aware of the benefits of aeration, yet it is one of the most important treatments for a healthy lawn. We have a serious compaction problem with our red clay. Aeration helps reduce this compaction and keeps your soil in the best shape possible. Thatch is another problem that is is especially heavy on Zoysia lawns.

Lawn Disease

Here in Knoxville, Brown Patch (also called large brown patch or Rhizoctonia blight) is the most common disease that threatens our lawns. Brown patch is a fungal disease that can present a serious threat to our lawns. We offer a disease control program that will help insure that brown patch lawn disease does not can extensive damage to your lawn.

Tree & Shrub Care

Emerald Island Lawn Service also provides professional care for your ornamental landscaping plants such as trees and shrubs. Our trained horticultural specialists are employed full time just to take care of your ornamental plants.