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Sometimes it's best to listen to others' experience with us, rather than take our word for it. For years, we have gotten service awards, high business ratings, and outstanding customer reviews. Let us show you the Quality difference.

Liz Plotnick-Snay — Young electrician came, figured out problem but had to go get part. He did a temp fix so we could use garage, then came back in a couple hours and completed
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Since 1975, Roberts Service Group, formerly Roberts Electrical Construction Company, has been providing clients with a full range of electrical services. No job has been too large, or too small for our experienced and well-qualified employees.

Mike — Congratulations to all of you at Roberts Service Group on your new business name. I do agree that this new name really does reflect the type of business
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KMA Electric and Heating & Cooling are your trusted local experts for residential electrical and heating & cooling service in Columbus, OH and surrounding areas! Serving the central Ohio community for over 20 years, we are a time tested and BBB accredited company that stands behind its work.

Betsy Giesecke Eastham — We had an issue that was missed by one electrician, and then Kevin Walsh came out. Not only did he take the time to truly diagnose what was wrong, he walked
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We have an extensive background in the intricacies of Ohio service-oriented work. By staying current with the latest technology in traditional, we provide our clients with a highly educated and experienced team who are on the leading edge in the industry. We work with our clients on a personal level, to fit their needs perfectly.

Nicole Agassi-Spaulding — We dealt with another electric company for a while, but that company frequently didn't answer calls during business hours, so we love that phone calls
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To provide the very best value to our customers while maintaining leadership in our industry through encouraging education and a friendly, family spirit among the employees. We will continue to accomplish our mission with a team commitment to fairness and honesty, safety, quality workmanship, value-added service and communication.

Anthony Dominguez — Terrible customer service. The managers aren't friendly and the way their employees are paid I see why.
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Welcome to Graham Electric Co., Inc. where our goal is to provide superior service to each and every one of our clients. We do this through a commitment to quality we share with our employees. Our success is due in large part to Graham Electric's freedom of choice of employers, employees and project owners.

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Modern society, with its emphasis on fast-paced work and connectivity, needs reliable electricity to function properly; this is only possible with an experienced and professional electrician. If you're looking for dependable electrical service in Columbus, Ohio, look no further than Countryside Electric, Inc. Contact us today at (614) 478-7960 for more information and a free estimate.

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Higher Power Electric is a professional Electrical Service & Repair company providing residential & commercial customers with the best "Same-Day" service in Columbus, Ohio and surrounding areas.

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Bradley Electric is a reliable, full service electrical contractor servicing central Ohio residential and commercial customers in and around Columbus. Electrician expertise has been our specialty for over 25 years. Our goal is to exceed your expectations by delivering high quality, cost effective service.

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