Take the deep and personal commitment required to run a successful family owned business, add over 30 years of experience and you begin to get a hint of what to expect when you select Edgewood Cabinetry. No matter what your project entails, you'll quickly learn that the Edgewood attention to detail means your kitchen or bathroom cabinets, your custom shelves or your one of a kind fireplace mantle will exceed your expectations.

Knowing that our workmanship will be an important part of your home for years to come, please expect nothing less than our very best effort. Edgewood Cabinetry stands apart from the crowd by providing a uniquely personal experience - from start to finish you'll deal directly with Pete Rafferty, company owner, design talent and hands-on craftsman.

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It is where you cook, and where others seem to gather while you are cooking. You want a kitchen that gives you easy access to the appliances and allows more than one person to cook without feeling like you are in a traffic jam. You also want a kitchen that is warm and inviting and sends the message you welcome people into your home.

Bathroom Vanities

When you remodel your bathroom, you can not only add style, but you can add functionality. You can create a bathroom for several people to share, or that spa bathroom just for you. You can choose from a variety of stylish floors, and even install heat in the floor to enjoy in cold weather. We will help you choose from a variety of tiles, sinks, showers/tubs, and lighting.

Cabinet Accessories

Kitchen Cabinet Accessories and Storage Solutions With a complete line of inspired kitchen cabinet hardware and accessories including pull-out pantry and blind corner systems, lazy susans, drawer dividers, trash cans, recycling and backsplash systems for functionality and storage you are sure to find everything needed for you storage needs.
Kimberly Hutyra Ferez

Kimberly Hutyra Ferez

Jun 09, 2016
Pete did a fabulous job on a very large built-in wall unit for our master bedroom. We needed extra closet space. Very professionally built and installed. I will definitely use Edgewood again. Full review ›

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The Ultimate In Cabinet Accessories

When you think about cabinets, you might not immediately think of anything other than boxes with doors and some drawers. However, cabinet accessories let you get so much more from your custom kitchen cabinets. Forget about just having to make do with general storage. Instead, use cabinet accessories

Study Cabinets: The Creative Addition To Your Home Office

Does it feel like your home office is missing something? Study cabinets could be the creative addition you’ve been searching for. Sure, you have a desk and a chair, but wouldn’t it be nice to be able to store everything away neatly? You could even display collectibles, awards and more to

Why You Need A Mudroom

More than ever, mudrooms are becoming a staple in modern homes. Many people are finding out they need a mudroom not only for extra space, but to maintain a cleaner home. The great news is your mudroom can be as large or small as you want it. Just have a smaller entryway? It’ll work just fine.

How To Design The Ultimate Large Appliances Storage

If you tend to host many parties or hate having your larger appliances out for everyone to get their messy fingerprints on, you need a better large appliances storage solution. Thankfully, sectioning off a secondary kitchen, or butler’s pantry, is the perfect solution. You can hide your dishwasher

7 Questions To Ask Your Cabinet Designer Before The Build

Your cabinet designer serves as a partner for helping your remodel dream come true. However, you should ask a few important questions before jumping right into the build. From getting a little background to ensuring they understand what you want, stunning custom cabinetry involves communication at the

Design Tips For Picking The Right Cabinetry For Your Home Office

Your home office is a unique area. While it’s still part of your home, you want it to feel more professional, especially if clients come to your office. While many people put their focus on their desk and chairs, the right cabinetry is just as important. Home office cabinets aren’t just

A Look At How Moisture Affects Your Bathroom Cabinets

Unlike your kitchen, your bathroom constantly has to deal with moisture in the air from showers and baths. Since it’s a more humid environment, you have to think carefully about what types of materials to use and how to care for your bathroom cabinets. With proper care, it’s easy to control

Do Cabinet Organizational Tools Help Or Hurt Your Space?

You’ve probably used cabinet organizational tools in at least one drawer or cabinet. Did they actually give you more space or less? While anything that says it’ll help you organize your cabinets sounds like a must-have, you should look closely at just how much space the organizer takes up

Painted Or Stained? Which Is Best For Your Cabinets

Painted or stained is the usual choice when adding new cabinets to your home. Of course, you can go with unfinished, but most people go with some form of finish. With stained, you keep more of a natural wood look, but painted cabinets give you more variety of color. So, which is actually best? While

8 Tricks For Doubling The Space In Your Cabinets

Who doesn’t have space issues when it comes to their cabinets? What if you could double the space in your cabinets with a few simple tricks? It’s actually possible. From gadgets to custom shelving, you could go from a cluttered mess to neatly organized cabinets that you’re not afraid

What To Consider Before Remodeling Your Kitchen

Before you start cutting or demolishing anything your kitchen, it’s important to think things through carefully. Once you start remodeling your kitchen, it’s hard to just stop and go back to what you had before. Plan out what you want before you do anything else. Think about what type of

Kitchen Cabinetry Trends To Consider In 2018

If you’re thinking of remodeling your kitchen in 2018, you might want to consider the latest kitchen cabinetry trends. With a wide range of trends to choose from, it’s easy to get the perfect kitchen to match your style and personality. Of course, the most important thing to remember is

Make the Most of Your Kitchen Space With Custom Cabinets

Whether you’ve recently purchased a new home, or have been saving up to fix your old place for years, custom cabinets can give you a fresh look. They take up the largest amount of space in your kitchen, so they should also be the most attractive feature. They can give your home an enchanting blend

Rustic Living With Modern Kitchen

This new construction home has a rustic feel with the exposed rough sawn beams and wood throughout, but the kitchen is up to day on style, colors, and functionality. With cabinets to the ceiling and built in lighting with all soft close hardware and topped off with granite it is sure to inspire. Contact

Drawer organizers are great for increasing your storage space. You don’t have to stick with just those plastic comp… https://t.co/qBrMbJh9Cu

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Here is a recent kitchen just finished. Not white but turned out awesome nonetheless. @ Garner, North Carolina https://t.co/nZETeoHPto

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Finished up this window bench in Raleigh NC today. This customer wanted a drop zone and storage along with seating.… https://t.co/NKN441YsJy

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We published a new post: (The Best Mudroom Designs For The Country Home) https://t.co/WjiEiZlY5W https://t.co/VXtMvYY2e5

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Here is a master bath with a pure white finish on applied molding doors and a matching tub skirt. What can we build for you?

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Now that's a productive day. The first set went smooth so I started on another in between spraying the shelves and… https://t.co/uVRg3V8qMa

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Working on this job for a little over a year getting every detail exactly right from the beginning to the end. This… https://t.co/iSzXx4MiJ7

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Pete Rafferty has been practicing his art and craftsmanship for more than 30 years. He started in his teens with a router building wall units and it grew from there. His experience includes framing, remodeling, contracting and trim work as well as a specialty in designing and building custom cabinets.