Elevation certificates are forms issued by FEMA for clients to use in order to obtain flood insurance, builders to use to obtain building permits, and for builders to use to satisfy city officials for interim slab and final elevations on new construction projects.

We have all of the National Flood Insurance Rate Maps on file for use and reference for the Texas counties of Harris, Montgomery, Fort Bend, and Waller and can easily determine if a property is in a flood-zone area.We can provide elevation certificates for the properties that are within the 100-year flood zone per the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

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A Topographic Survey is required for determination of the relief of the terrain and to locate natural and cultural features on it. Spot elevation is taken on the property on a specific grid interval and is used as the basis for the engineering design of a Drainage Plan for the proposed development.


Perhaps the most important service provided by the professional land surveyor is the boundary survey. A properly executed boundary survey is the basis for every successful development or land transaction, as it will relate the calls in the subject deed to the monumentation and evidence found on the ground.


We offer Staking Underground Utilities, Stake Paving, Layout of Building Corners with Elevations, Layout of Site Structures, Subdivision Construction Layout, County, City & TXDOT Construction Layout, Detention Facility Layout.
Shawn Lafferty

Shawn Lafferty

Sep 23, 2014
I am very particular about the vegetation on my 3 acre property, the crew from EIC that surveyed it had cut down more vegetation than I felt was required. I was very angry and explained my frustration to them. Full review ›
Michael Sullivan

Michael Sullivan

Apr 10, 2013
We called EIC to get a survey of our lot to have a pool put in. Not only were they quick to respond, their staff was very courteous and knowledgeable. Two months after receiving the survey, we needed changes made to the drawings for a Release of Easement from Centerpoint. Full review ›