The founders of DDS Pest Control LLC started out in the industry over a decade ago. Working with one of the top pest control companies in the New York City area having access to some of the most influential people in the business, sparked up an enthusiasm for pest control. Through this passion, DDS Pest Control Service LLC was born.

When it comes to pest control, DDS believes that problem solving is an integral part of a successful business and takes pride in providing a quality service each and every visit. DDS Pest control LLC provides services to commercial facilities such as: Food Processing Plants, Hotels, Nursing Homes, Property Management Facilities, Restaurants, Schools, Theatres and Warehouses.

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Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs do not enter a structure from the natural outdoor environment. Instead Bed Bugs are introduced by a previously infested location. This can occur by picking them up when you travel, staying at hotels, by visitors, introducing infested furniture into the structure, or by other means.


Our approach to rodent and wildlife control is simple, we call it the triangle of life. The triangle of life consists of food, water, and harborage which we know is essential for all living being. We use this approach to put together the best program for any type of rodent or wildlife nuisance pest.

Insect Control

DDS will use several types of trapping devices in our insect control programs to help identify, control and monitor various types insect. Actual traps used in any facility will be determined by the specific needs of that area.
Catherine Jackson

Catherine Jackson

Aug 08, 2016
Knowledgeable! & Trustworthy! DDS Pest Control is always the company I turn to for quick answers and resolutions. I highly recommend this company for pest control needs. DDS, Thank you for your services throughout the years. Full review ›
Darryle Small

Darryle Small

Oct 29, 2014
DDS Pest Control Dedication, Determination, Solutions that's DDS Pest Control Service. Full review ›

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DDS Pest Control Service LLC is a Pest Control Company with a Variety of programs to fit your wants, an needs. Our service is pet, children an people friendly. Our team is very informative an will work with you to keep your Commercial and Residential Property Pest Free.