Convergence Design is committed to the discipline of place. We believe that architecture needs not only to be of its time, a point of near universal agreement among architects, but also of its place, a point about which there is much less of a consensus. Architecture that is of its time means that it does not mimic historical details or pretend to use building technologies that are no longer in use.

That does not mean that historical methods of building are of no use whatsoever. It merely means that we strive, for the most part, to reflect accurately the time in which we live.

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Planning is a crucial first step for many building projects. Convergence Design has provided master planning services for a number of institutions. These services can help your organization develop a long term facilities strategy prior to embarking on a construction project.

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Farewell to Tal’s Hill

It lasted 17 seasons, which is perhaps longer than expected, but after the Houston Astros end their home season, the notorious hill in center field, known from Minute Maid Park’s opening day as Tal’s Hill, will be no more. The Astros are done with it. Tal’s Hill was named after Tal

AIA takes on Dimension M

More than a decade ago, David Greusel addressed the annual convention of the American Institute of Architects with a provocative session called Dimension M, referring to the moral dimension

Spontaneous urban planning

In a short but very insightful article in the Wall Street Journal, economics professor William Easterly starkly highlights how urban planners often get things completely wrong, and have for 400 years in

Wasted space

The building where our offices are has corridors that are nearly nine feet wide. That is almost twice as wide as the corridors in a typical modern office, which tend to be five feet across no matter what

Strange action at a distance

It's a physics term, but strange action at a distance applies to economic development, as well. A recent example: the Kansas City Royals' recent run to the World Series title in October 2015

How to Rebuild Architecture

Please click on the link to this wonderful New York Times op-ed on architecture. The authors, Steven Bingler and Martin Pedersen, have succinctly stated a view that we have long held-that the architectural

Although Minute Maid finished an undistinguished 21st in this ranking, at least the late lamented Tal's Hilll got s…

  Twitter  •  May 11

Glad to see PNC Park, for which David Greusel was lead designer, still ranked as the best MLB ballpark by Ballpark Digest. (PS

  Facebook  •  May 11

We're Number One! (again) @ballparkdigest

  Twitter  •  May 11

BTW, #chainrestaurant , "Here or to go?" is not a greeting.

  Twitter  •  May 10

I've been thinking that hospitality is a capital (top-level) virtue that we have ignored far too long.

  Twitter  •  May 10

...excepting, of course, for Daylight Savings and other such abominations.

  Twitter  •  May 10

The sun reaching its [apparent] apex is the definition of noon. It is also the definition of south.

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Dear @Uber , I know your world is paperless, but for the rest of us, could you please format your receipts so they…

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Can a person be compelled to make a "sincere apology"? Isn't compulsion the very opposite of sincerity?

  Twitter  •  May 08

If by "any," you mean Little League, college and MiLB, yes. If you mean just MLB, then no. No way.

  Twitter  •  May 07
Henry Cobb, FAIA, Carl Sapers, Hon. AIA, and Mack Scogin, FAIA, discuss ethics, as applied to architectural practice.