Complete Appliance Repair and Service is Salt Lake City's leading full-service repair, sales and parts replacement company. Family owned and operated, we genuinely care about the comfort of our neighbors, whatever Utah community they love in. Each of our technicians and representatives are local to SLC and contribute years of experience to our team.

No matter the make, model or year of your appliance, whether it's the latest technology or a "vintage charmer, " you deserve to get the optimal performance from your machine. Your refrigerator, dishwasher or stove is likely one of the costliest items in your kitchen.

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Refrigerators keep home cooked meals fresh and safe. Dishwashers mean no dish-soap hands for anyone in the family. Washers and dryers keep you looking your best. And the kitchen stove? There would be no fresh baked cookies, Taco Tuesdays or Thanksgiving spreads without it. When something goes wrong with an appliance, it can cause a serious kink in your daily life.


Congratulations! You're in the market for a new appliance. It's about time you upgraded that vintage 70s refrigerator or finally installed an energy-saving washer and dryer combination. Great looks, saving money on bills and lightening your carbon footprint are all great reasons to invest in a new appliance. But the question is who is going to do the appliance installation?

Heating & Air

HVAC is the acronym for heating, ventilation and air conditioning, Also known as Heating and Air Utah. In most homes, particularly modern ones, HVAC is a system that works together. It includes state of the art technology that provides a comfortable environment in both homes and office.
Katie DeJong

Katie DeJong

Mar 03, 2016
Great service. Had a part go faulty after a few months and they came right out and fixed it under warranty, no questions asked. Call them for any repairs! Full review ›
Jake Wood

Jake Wood

Feb 06, 2016
These guys were good. Our washer was full of nails and required a lot of attention. They were quick with the repairs and very professional. It was a little bit expensive, but considering what they did I cannot complain. Full review ›
Fatboy Oza

Fatboy Oza

Jan 29, 2016
Very professional maybe a little high priced but I'll pay it for the service I got. Had 2 techs Erin and another young fellow they did a great job and explained everything they did. Good work I will use them again. Full review ›
Shawn Murphy

Shawn Murphy

Jan 22, 2016
90$ trip charge. Tech was nice and knowledgeable but ripped hole in floor (2013 new home) after I showed him and asked him not to and to be careful while moving fridge out. Full review ›
Rick Cromar

Rick Cromar

Oct 28, 2015
I contacted Complete Appliance Repair and Service and they were able to come out the very same day. They came when they said they would come. They were fast, fair in pricing, and gave me a guarantee to back their service. Full review ›
Jeff Borrowman

Jeff Borrowman

Aug 24, 2015
I've called Will at Complete Appliance Repair for several different appliance problems and have always received fast, friendly, professional work from him-above and beyond anyone else I've used. I don't often write reviews, but his consistent great work deserves recognition. Full review ›
Griffin Bonacci

Griffin Bonacci

Jan 07, 2015
I used this company for an appliance repair call at a rental. I was told of the issue on the stove and a nearly $450 charge to repair it! Full review ›
Les Looky DeJong

Les Looky DeJong

Aug 05, 2014
Will and his team are very proffessinals and honest hard working and i would highley recommand them. Full review ›

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