Pat and Mike, the "Brothers" in Chism Brothers Painting, are fourth generation master painters with a long history of professional experience. As young boys, they were taught the fine points of superior craftsmanship serving as apprentices under their father's watchful eye. They learned more than the skills of painting, their father taught them the lessons of good character and the rewards of a job done well.

Now in the business for more than thirty years, they've demonstrated through their words and deeds what it means to blend character and craftsmanship. Mike personally comes to each project to insure its success and hires only those employees who live by the same ethical standards.

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  City San Diego, CA
  Zip code 92111
  Address 7958 Convoy Ct
  Phone (858) 454-3850
  Today 08:00 AM ÷ 04:00 PM    
  Person Mr. Michael Chism

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When we are painting your home, we take extra special care of your property. The paint is only applied to the proper surfaces and not to the floors, furnishings or pets. You will not hear loud music playing, lots of talking, or see a messy jobsite.


Many commercial painters bring a Let's just get this done attitude to the job site. They may cover your surfaces quickly, but do they stand by their work? At Chism Brothers Painting, we have always taken a great deal of pride in the character and craftsmanship that serve as the foundation of our standard practices.


Aug 27, 2017
When I think of CHISM, and you might ask other customers as well, I think of someone that was reliable, efficient, professional, and reasonable. Above all, you guys did more than the job. You helped not just paint my house, but fixing up my house along the way. You care about your customers. You are there for the long term. Full review ›


Aug 09, 2017
The employees were superb in many ways. They were on time, respectful, friendly, take pride in their work, and no radio. They have been in business for 30 year and have a family atmosphere. Full review ›


Dec 07, 2016
Everyone, from James to Raul, to Victor, to Carolyn are so professional and customer focused. Did what they said they would do on time. And the work was Beautiful. Full review ›
Cassandra Prescott

Cassandra Prescott

Oct 16, 2015
I've used Chism several times and will continue because I find their work exceptional. They are friendly, on time, professional and patient. Full review ›
D. I.

D. I.

Jul 16, 2015
Katie and I were delighted with your services. If all businesses operated the way yours does, this world would be a very different place. We hope you will use us as references to help you grow and prosper. Full review ›
Sarah Jane Miller

Sarah Jane Miller

Jul 07, 2015
Excellent experience using Chism Brothers painting. Professional, clean, efficient, and thorough. Great quality work with quality employees who care about their job and do it well. If you want a job done right, hire Chism Bros! You will not be disappointed. Full review ›
Martin Astl

Martin Astl

Feb 03, 2015
Very pleased with Chism Brothers - the entire process was friendly and professional. Our consultant James asked questions & spent an hour to understand what we wanted and worked with us to get a wonderful final product. Full review ›
Mark Lauterbach

Mark Lauterbach

Jan 09, 2015
I am the Board Chair of the Palomar Family Y in Escondido. Chism Brothers performed exceptional work for us on short term notice. They made sure they did not disturb the ordinary operations of membership while giving us a significant upgrade. Full review ›

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Here is a quick video of one of our painters taking care of dry rot the right way on these exposed rafter tails. After the dry rot is removed, you'll notice he uses a heat gun. This helps to dry out the wet wood a bit.