BUGCO Pest Control is a Texas State licensed commercial Pest Control business #0733389 specializing in treatments for general pest control, termite (WDI) inspections and termite treatments, mosquito misting system installation and maintenance, fire ant, bed bug and flea and tick treatments, and rodent control.

Operating since 2003, BUGCO Pest Control has the equipment, experience and knowledge to deal with any pest problem that you can throw at us. Our trained and licensed commercial pest control technicians are ready to complete thorough inspections of your property to determine the best course of action to eliminate pest infestations.

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Mosquito's are a health risk to you and your family We can make your outdoor space livable by installing a proven system that uses water based, biodegradable pyrethrum extract from chrysanthemum flower to effectively control mosquito nuisance. System can be preset to spray up to five times per day. Mosquitoes flying or resting are instantly hit with a lethal dose.


We give special rates to Home Inspectors for our wood destroying insect inspection services. Our commercial technicians work everyday with Real Estate Inspectors helping them to provide full service to their inspection customers. We are available for emergency service on short notice in most cases.
Donna Abate

Donna Abate

Mar 27, 2018
Daniel did a great job. Love this company. Very professional. I live pests free thanks to them! Full review ›


Nov 10, 2017
Great company to work with. Approached my problem professionally and competently. I felt like they truly cared about me and that they gave me their full attention. Full review ›


Dec 14, 2016
You guys have been able to take care of any and all bug related issues for us. Our rep, Germaine is awesome, friendly yet professional. He is here on time or calls to let us know if he has to be late for any reason. The people we speak to on the phone are also friendly and quick to help. We are happy with Bugco services. Full review ›
Renee Champagne

Renee Champagne

Jan 26, 2016
I've been using BUGCO for almost 2 years. Tito provides our quarterly service and is always professional, friendly and efficient. I'm very pleased with their services and would highly recommend them! Full review ›
Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy

Dec 28, 2015
Seriously the best experience ever. Turned out to be nothing, but Clint (CJ) was very professional. My dogs (who never get any attention) even liked him and were pretty well behaved while he was here. Full review ›
Carolyn Bunge

Carolyn Bunge

Dec 18, 2015
Bugco is seriously the best ever! Their customer service is out of this world! Jeff is so fantastic, I can't even express how grateful I am for his reassurance and help. We had a serious bug problem and he has put us at ease throughout it! Full review ›


Nov 23, 2015
I moved to an apartment with a really bad roach infection call then and they were super nice it been like 6 months and km about to call then again.definitely the best! Full review ›


Nov 08, 2015
Very professional and friendly exterminator and explained the product he was using during the application. Full review ›
Shawna Graham

Shawna Graham

Nov 01, 2015
Chris is awesome! Honest, reliable, and fairly priced! Call them if you have any bugs that need to go bye-bye. Full review ›
M. Al Hosani

M. Al Hosani

Oct 11, 2015
I moved to house last month and the house was full of bugs ( mostly arches), so I called BUGCO and they came on time. I have noticed that bugs die around the house before they get in. Their representative Mr. Germaine was very friendly and well experienced in his job. Full review ›
Marilyn Cassidy

Marilyn Cassidy

Aug 08, 2015
Honor and Integrity from the Ground Up This morning, I had to see a man from BUGCO about a rat and it turned out to be a very good visit. Tito Picon arrived at the scheduled time, inspected and fixed a few of the possible entry points and set out some bait boxes. Full review ›


Jul 07, 2015
Very professional service and did it at very affordable prices as well, I highly recommended them to everyone. Thanks Chris for all your help. Full review ›


May 11, 2015
The service with the scheduler over the phone is always easy and the service at my house by Jermaine is always top notch. He is extremely personable and does a thorough job. I would absolutely recommend this company to my friends and neighbors. Full review ›
Rachael Yarusso

Rachael Yarusso

Mar 12, 2014
I will always recommend Bugco! He rescued me from an insane wasp infestation. Hundreds of them inside my home. He came over right away and was very thorough and knowledgeable. Thanks again, chris! Full review ›

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Truck Mounted Mosquito Fogging Effectiveness

How effective and safe are the truck mounted mosquito fogging services provided by BUGCO Pest Control? BUGCO’s Darrell Mather answers those questions in detail in this video. Call us at 281-240-2157 for answers to your questions and to get a quote for truck mounted mosquito fogging services.

How to Kill Mosquitoes in Metro Houston

There are things you can do as a homeowner to kill mosquitoes, and there are things that BUGCO can do to help you reduce the populations of mosquitoes biting you and your family. BUGCO’s Darrell Mather covers all of this in the video. Call 281-240-2157 for more information. Summary of the How

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Eliminating rodents from your home or business starts with a thorough rodent inspection by a profession pest control technician from BUGCO. Darrell explains how we do rodent inspections at BUGCO Pest Control. Summary of What’s Checked in a Rodent Inspection from BUGCO Pest Control – Hello

What Determines Termite Treatment Cost

How Does BUGCO Estimate Termite Treatment Cost for Your Houston Area Home What would the termite treatment cost be for your home? Factors that go into the estimate are whether you have a current termite infestation, the kinds of termites that might be invading your home, and the size and type of foundation

Do Mosquito Misting Systems Work

How Well Do Mosquito Misting Systems Work in the Houston Area Do Mosquito Misting Systems Work_ Yes They Do! Our mosquito misting systems work in Houston to keep your yard and outdoor living spaces free of mosquitos and other insects. Call us at 281–240-2157 for more information or a quote for

BUGCO’s Bedbug Extermination Helps a Needy Houston Family

Bedbug Extermination Helps Make Christmas Brighter for a Houston Family Our bedbug extermination services make Christmas better for a needy Houston family. BUGCO Pest Control received a plea to help a single grandmother supporting 12 children, including four adopted foster children, that had a bedbug

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Why Is BUGCO’s Customer Service Houston’s Best in Pest Control In this episode of the BUGCO Podcast, John Onofrey and Darrell Mather talk about BUGCO’s commitment to providing outstanding customer service to our Houston customers. Call us at 281-240-2157. Summary of John Onofrey

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Strategy for Rat Extermination & Benefit of Termite Inspection – BUGCO Podcast #2 Join John Onofrey and Chris Millward as they talk about developing a strategy for rat extermination from a Houston area home. As part of the home inspection, John and Chris also found evidence of a subterranean

Professional Termite Control

How BUGCO Does Termite Control for Houston Customers Termites are a fact of life in Houston so termite control is something we all have to be concerned about. Your home is at stake here! You certainly want a professional, licensed termite control company to protect your home and BUGCO Pest Control

Commercial Kitchen Pest Control

Get the Best Commercial Kitchen Pest Control from BUGCO Call 281-240-2157 for the best commercial kitchen pest control in Richmond and the Greater Houston area. BUGCO Pest Control can eliminate the pests that migrate to every commercial kitchen and keep new pests from taking up residence. We do

Customer Review from J.D. Sellers

A BUGCO Customer Review from J.D. Sellers When you become a BUGCO customer, we will ask you for a customer review and feedback as a business practice. It’s a way that we can monitor the performance of our technicians and encourage adherence to the highest standards of customer services. So when

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The wonderful colors of spring are now becoming a thing of the past. The next season is right around the corner and billions of people all over the United States are preparing for what will undoubtedly

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As the bed bug invasion starts to spread from state to state people are starting to look for new ways to control the ever growing epidemic. Conventional pest control methods are working once a nasty bed

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Spring has sprung and the signs of spring are everywhere. Birds are singing. Trees are turning green and flowers are popping out of the ground everywhere you look. For many of us these first signs of spring

Emerging Technologies Are Keeping Pests Further From Your Home

The pest control industry is always evolving and changing to meet the demands of consumers, businesses and pests. New and innovative ways to keep pests out of our lives are always emerging and many of

"...Harris County is not actively spraying for mosquitoes....Fort Bend and Galveston counties are taking the same approach." Learn how BUGCO can protect your Family and Community with our Community Mosquito

  Facebook  •  May 16

See how BUGCO’s Mosquito Traps use the current population to spread the treatment to other mosquitoes or call 281.240.2157 for more information!

  Facebook  •  May 15

Learn how BUGCO uses Mosquito Traps to control the disease carrying Mosquito population on your property by calling 281.240.2157

  Facebook  •  May 15

Disease Carrying Mosquitoes are Already Here! Take Precautions and Call 281.240.2157 to ask about BUGCO's Mosquito Traps, Mosquito Fogging, Mosquito Misting Systems and Community Mosquito Fogging!

  Facebook  •  May 14

Two New Stink Bug Species Named for Dragons From Game of Thrones!

  Facebook  •  May 10

How to kill mosquitoes in Metro Houston? BUGCO's Darrell Mather answers that question with an explanation of what homeowners can do and what BUGCO's experienced technicians can do. Call 281-240-2157

  Facebook  •  May 09

It’s termite season! Call us at 281-240-2157 for a free termite inspection and treatment quote.

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Every week is Teacher Appreciation Week at BUGCO. We offer a 10% discount to Educators!

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"We spray for disease, we are not a pest control company," Marquez said… with Harris County's Public Health's Mosquito Control Division. But BUGCO Pest Control is! Call the Experts Today at 281.240.2157

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It's that time of year again. Call for your consultation today at 281.240.2157

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BUGCO Pest Control is a full service pest control company serving Houston, Sugar Land, Katy and surrounding areas specializing in superior customer service for termite control, rodent control and exclusion, mosquito misting systems and general pest control.