At Brummel Lawn & Landscape LLC we are proud of our customer service. We make customer service our number one priority. We have a 24 hour, 7 day week phone line, where we can be reached at any time to meet all of our customers needs. When Brummel Lawn & Landscape LLC began, we looked at the market and noticed the lack of customer service.

At Brummel Lawn & Landscape LLC, we want to set the standard that will lead this industry to better customer understanding and satisfaction. We are proud of the level of education we have in the fields of turf and landscape. Both of our Turf and Landscape Managers have bachelors of science degrees in Horticulture.

Offices (1)

  City Blue Springs, MO
  Zip code 64015
  Address 1130 28th St
  Phone (816) 525-8333

Services (5)

Lawn Renovation

The first step in the process is spraying the lawn either the entire yard, or front or back with a complete kill herbicide (Round Up). After this process (about a week later) Brummel Lawn will come back and seed the yard with a premium seed and fertilizer. The lawn must stay moist for the seed to germinate, fill in and promote good root growth.

Irrigation Services

24 hours a day 7 days a week, Brummel Lawn & Landscape LLC is here to serve you. From simple to complex leaks, replacing heads, valves, and raising boxes and heads to prevent scalping of the lawn.

Lawn Applications

Our basic five step program will give your lawn the look that it deserves. After the first application, Brummel Lawn & Landscape LLC will spot spray any weeds that may pop up. Also, a service call for any weeds is done within 48 hours of receiving your call. We recommend, but do not require a grub control.

Landscape Design

Our professional landscape designer has a degree in Horticulture to ensure your landscaping will survive in the Midwest, with our soil and weather conditions. The process starts with an onsite meetings, to discuss the wants, needs and measure and take pictures of the area.


In most lawn today drainage/erosion is becoming a major problem. We can eliminate standing water in your lawn, help move water away from your home, help control water and slow down/prevent/stop erosion. Also run your down spouts out away from your landscaping beds and from the home. Please contact us for more information or help with your drainage issue.
Jason Forge

Jason Forge

Jul 29, 2016
I have used Brummel Lawn & Landscape for several years now to do several things around my yard. Whether it is picking up leaves in the fall to their all season ground treatment they do a great job. Keep up the great work! Full review ›
Brett Sorensen

Brett Sorensen

Apr 14, 2016
These guys are the best I would recommend them to anyone! 5/5 stars for sure! Full review ›
Meredyth Melcher

Meredyth Melcher

Feb 16, 2016
Brummel Lawn and Landscape is our provider for our office and home. We have a large area to contend with and they do an outstanding job week after week. They also provide great seasonal services to help maintain our yard. Full review ›
Jim Beam

Jim Beam

Aug 25, 2015
Call these guys yesterday, they came out today, the guy they sent was polite and totally professional, he fixed a busted pipe underground and adjusted all my sprayers within an hour, showed me what he did and told me to give him a call if anything else came up, excellent company. Full review ›
Peter Decker

Peter Decker

Feb 13, 2015
Nick Brummel is professional and experienced. Don't leave your lawn in the hands of an amateur; these guys will make it look spectacular. Full review ›
Cory Filley

Cory Filley

Nov 15, 2013
Brummel Lawn and Landscape did a fantastic job on our landcaping and kept it within our limited budget. They also did great work on grading our yard and seeding the area. I now have new grass coming up nicely! Full review ›
Meredyth Melcher

Meredyth Melcher

Nov 15, 2013
Nick Brummel and Brummel Lawn & Landscape will be sure to design the project you desire and to deliver the project as promised. They have outstanding customer service and a large staff to address all of your lawn and landscape needs. Full review ›
Shannon Lundberg

Shannon Lundberg

Nov 14, 2013
We used Brummel Lawn & Landscape to install some irrigation for us to direct water away from the base of our house. Their team was professional and respectful. The work was quality and done in a very reasonable amount of time. Full review ›

Blog posts (6)

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