Blue Ox is your full-service residential heating and air conditioning service company that also specializes in air quality products and services. Blue Ox Heating and Air Conditioning Services is your fully licensed, bonded, and insured to provide our Twin Cities customers with services relating to furnaces, heating, and air conditioning.

Blue Ox Heating and Air is North American Technician Excellence certified and a member of the Minnesota Heating & Cooling Association. Our heating and air conditioning service company offers sales, installation, and repair for any number of heating systems, cooling systems, air quality units, and parts.

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Lack of routine maintenance can result in higher energy costs from inefficient operation and can often lead to inconvenient, unexpected system failure. Knowing the signs that it might be time for furnace maintenance could save you thousands of dollars down the road.


Blue Ox Heating and Air offers residential furnace installation and replacement services throughout Minneapolis - St. Paul and the surrounding metro. Whether you need a new furnace installed or are thinking about replacing an old one - our certified heating technicians will work with you to assess your current situation and make recommendations for the best solution for your home.


Be proactive when it comes to your furnace maintenance and tune-up needs. Blue Ox Heating & Air recommends scheduling a furnace tune-up before the busy winter season blows in to save both time and money. If you find that you already have a furnace or heating problem, call us immediately for 24-hour furnace repair or replacement.

Air Conditioning

Blue Ox Heating & Air is the smart choice for local air conditioning installation in Minnesota. Our team of NATE-certified technicians will ensure that your new air conditioner meets your expectations so you can feel cool and comfortable all summer long.
Ann Wiborg

Ann Wiborg

Feb 19, 2016
Very pleased with the service of these professionals. Always pleasant to work with, on time and neat. Full review ›

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Getting the Most Out of Your Air Exchanger

You already know how we feel about air exchangers. The surprisingly simple, easy-to-use device is one of the best ways to keep your home’s air fresh and clean. But once you have an air exchanger, how do you use it? Should you really just turn it on and forget about it? Is there anything you can

How NOT to Use Your Heater

When it comes to winter in Minnesota, the name of the game is heating. And yes, as natives know, February is still very much winter in Minnesota. For the next month or two (or three…), your quality of life will be determined largely by your heating. Knowing how to best utilize your heater this

Why You Should Have an Air Exchanger

When the same old air sits in an enclosed space for an extended period of time, it starts to get stale. Dust, bacteria, mold, and particles from gas and steam all stay in air, polluting it over time. If your home doesn’t continuously exchange stale air for fresh air, you wind up inhaling all that

How to Prep Your Plumbing for a Kitchen or Bathroom Remodel

Being able to remodel their kitchen or bathroom is a dream project for many homeowners. It’s also a lot of distinctly less-dreamy work, however. Before you have a blast picking out your new cabinets, counters, faucets, and drawers, you have to buckle down for the nasty stuff. Namely, you have to

7 HVAC New Year’s Resolutions

It’s a new year! That means you have a blank slate for the twelve months ahead that you can do whatever you want with. If your goal is to lose weight, go for it. You want to finally book that dream trip to Tokyo? now’s as good a time as any! If you want to be better, smarter, cooler, or anything

Snowbirds: How to Prep Your Home for a Winter Away

Snowbirds aren’t actually birds, but if you’re reading this you already know that – since you are one! Being a snowbird means you can pack your bags and head for warmer climes when the weather gets cold. It’s an enviable lifestyle, but with it comes some particular responsibilities

Keeping Your Air Clean This Winter

Nobody you ask is going to tell you that they particularly enjoy their home’s air quality during winter. It’s too cold to open up your windows, so things tend to get stuffy. As if that wasn’t bad enough, winter also tends to lead to especially dry air. Cold air doesn’t hold moisture

The Anatomy of an Air Exchanger

Air exchangers push stale air out of the home and replace it with fresh, outdoor air. If you’ve ever wanted to “air out” your home by opening a window or door, you should consider installing an air exchanger. Homes naturally produce air pollutants every day. An air exchanger helps

Handling Home Air Quality With Pets

Pets are awesome. They snuggle us when we’re sad, give us energy when we’re lagging, and they’re always around to help us through the day. Whether you have a dog, cat, domesticated raccoon, or who-knows-what, however, pets leave things behind. Things like dander and hair. Pet hair

4 Things to Check When You Turn On the Heat

It’s somehow already about time to fire up your furnace for the season. If this winter is anything like… every winter, it’s going to see a lot of use soon. Before that happens, however, there are a few quick things you should check. After all, you probably haven’t used your furnace

Natural Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

It's allergy season, which means it's important to take the air quality in your home into consideration. Do you know what sort of contaminants are floating around the air in your home? Chemicals

Are Candles Bad for the Air Quality in Your Home

After a stressful day at work, during a relaxing bubble bath, or to cover up the smell of a burnt dinner disaster-candles are great for providing ambience and a fresh aroma. But are they affecting

4 Benefits of Timely Furnace Repairs

During the winter months, you can always escape the brutal Midwest weather and head indoors to your toasty abode. That is, until your furnace breaks down. A critical piece of your home, your furnace is

5 Ways to Show Your Home Some Love this Valentine's Day

Home is where the heart is. We've all heard it, but somehow we forget about our homes when Valentine's Day rolls around. Every February 14th, we take time to show our love to the family and

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Breathe Clean! 🌬👃 #DYK? Our home Purifiers remove up to 99% of the dangerous air pollutants in your #home!…

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Our technicians will treat your home like it is their own! From shoe covers to arriving on time, we celebrate National Common Courtesy Day every day!

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#Dusting, changing filters, and repairing window screens are just a few ways to tidy up and boos the quality of you…

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3 Benefits of a Home Air Purifier With UV Light

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Sinus issues? #Allergies? What are you breathing? An IAQ inspection will tell you!…

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Sinus issues? Allergies? Schedule your IAQ inspection just in time for spring cleaning! What's IAQ? It's your Indoor Air Quality (which is nastier than you might think!).

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We never cut corners and value every customer! Thank you, Ronald! #Minnesota #HVAC

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